Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Doggy Bandana

Herbie the Bunny inspired me to make a doggy bandana. After working with it for some time (designing as I went... trial and error!), I finally got the dog bone design I wanted. I love the way it turned out. Knitted up in Peaches & Cream Desert Sand. The bone would probably show up better if done in a solid, but I really wanted to use this yarn. I really like the striping and think the bone is visible enough. I didn't make it with anyone in mind. I was thinking of Gideon, but I think his color will blend too much. So, it will probably go to the least-brown dog it would fit, which is Aigo. I'll be making more, as it was fun to make and is super-cute!

Pics showing the detail and the lovely Hippo showing it off. I am working on designing a fire hydrant. I'm also coming up with something for Rowan, the house cat (the only one with the honor of living indoors... we're dog people). I think a mouse would be fitting. Or maybe a crown, since, being a cat, he thinks he rules the roost.

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