Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Post

Well, here I go. I have another blog already, about the rabbitry and kennel. This one is going to be for my next love, after animals... fiber arts.

I am a spinner and so far have worked only with animal fibers. Angora and alpaca are my favorites, though wool is nice for some projects. Kid mohair is a dream.

After spinning, I need something to do with all the lovely yarn I make! So, knitting. I'm relatively new to knitting, but am doing quite well and manage to finish projects with no mistakes.

Current projects:

-I will be plying some sable angora (natural color) today that I've been spinning up. As soon as it is plied, washed, and dried, I will be making a nice scarf for myself. Finally! Something for ME. I have yet to keep something I've made...

-An afghan for my fiance, Shawn, and me (I have a LOT of time to finish this one, as it will be for our bed when we're finally married). This isn't something I've spun up (way too expensive if I did that), but is from Wal-Mart.

-Working on a gift basket of bath stuff for Shawn's sisters. I will be felting over soap, knitting up washcloths, and also knitting up make-up bags for them. These will be Christmas gifts.

Will get pics of the angora once it's finished up. My next spinning venture is more angora. This time in dyed black and turquoise.

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