Monday, October 29, 2007

Projects and a Yarn Store

Moma and I are going to start an online yarn shop. We are very excited about it. It's still in the planning stage, but it's coming along! If we are able to do well, we will be opening an actual store. We will be offering a good selection of yarns... from companies and handspun. We will not be carrying yarn available at Wal-Mart, etc... you can just go there to get it. We want to make available some of the nicer yarns and things you would have to look for to get.

I have been working on my scarf and it's coming along very nicely! I will get pictures of it once it is finished. I also got some cotton yarn this weekend... Peaches & Cream Desert Sand and also Ecru. One-pound cones of each. Moma had some, can't remember the name of the color (ecru with colored specks throughout), that I knitted up into a dishcloth this weekend. No pattern with me, so I made it up as I went. It came out great and is a chicken. I'll try to get her to send pictures.

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