Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sable Angora Skein

Here it is! Sable is a natural rabbit color and it is just as yummy off the bunny as it is on! It's a nice creamy color with a little bit of darker brown throughout. This picture was taken immediately after plying, before washing/drying. I still have at least another skein's worth to ply. A nice halo is already starting to form. I have a total of about 4 ounces.

This is my first time really working with angora. When I worked with it before it was just for short periods of time, to kind of get used to it, as a part of a 'fiber sampler'. It is more difficult than other fibers, as it is so fluffy! But I love it and can't wait to start spinning up the black and turquoise bumps I have (2 ounces of each color).

I have two small balls of Corriedale I spun up just waiting to be knitted up into something. Any ideas? I was dying for something olive green, finally found the shade I wanted, but now don't know what to do with it! I was thinking of incorporating it into a bag I plan on making (eventually). I have about 4 ounces.

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