Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm doing it anway!

I can't help it. Here is Moma's gift:

I had a better picture, but it would load correctly. So, I give you this one. It is Fetching and I love it. I used Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue. It's what I had and Shawn thought it would be the best color. I was going to use Patons Classic Merino, but wanted something machine washable. So, the acrylic.
This was my third time working in the round (DPNs... not much for circulars) and my first time with cables. I did make the thumb shorter than the pattern called for.

I'll be making me some also. I'll use the Patons for them. I don't mind handwashing and, come one, their gloves... won't be washed too much anyway. I may not go with Fetching, but instead a pattern I designed myself. We'll have to see.
I started Daddy's gift, but ended up frogging it today. It was an entrelac scarf, loosely inspired by Danica (different material, color, and stitch number). It was also acrylic. Just the stuff I have an abundance of and is the only thing I have that is machine washable. I frogged it because I realized that I couldn't really block acrylic. And you need to block entrelac. So, I started over today on a different scarf... a cabled one of my own design. Nothing too difficult or fancy, but I think it'll turn out well. And will be a whole lot faster than entrelac.
I have some more projects in mind, after finishing the scarf and my gloves (which I hope to have done before Thanksgiving).

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Gnat said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my contest. :) I would love to live on a farm and enjoy the outdoors more. I love animals especially dogs. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday.