Friday, November 2, 2007

Knitting Away...

Still working at that scarf. I'm bored with it. Just keeps repeating. Pretty, but not exactly challenging my knitting skill. Can't wait to be finished with it.

Since I'm bored, I've started a new project... I'm making a messenger-style bookbag. I like my bag I'm using now, but want something I made. I'm using the cotton I have (Peaches & Creme Ecru and Desert Sands held together). But, like the scarf, it isn't exactly trying my skill. Just a simple stockinette body and I'm not sure how I'm doing the gussett and strap yet. Don't want to do garter because of the stretch factor (I swear my books/notebooks weight 20+ pounds!). But don't want to do stockinette because of the fold thing. I'll have to give it some thought. Maybe something a little fancier, like something a touch lacy. Or maybe even something cable to liven it up a bit.

It will have a flap with a branch for a button. There will be pockets on the front that I'll add some sort of design to. It's going to be so cute. And functional. I'm making it up as I go, so I don't know exactly what it will end up like, but do have a few ideas floating around my head.

Shawn has drill this weekend, so I'll be with him. We are staying at his parent's house, but will be gone tomorrow night and most of Saturday and Sunday. I will be going to Barnes & Noble to knit and read about knitting while he's working on his helicopters (did I ever mention he's a helicopter mechanic in the Nat'l Guard? He is qualified to work on Blackhawks and Kiowas). I hope to finish my scarf and get a lot of my bag finished before Monday. I might even work on the afghan some. But might not. It, like my scarf and bag, is boring. But VERY boring, since it's just garter, moss, and seed stitch blocks. How exciting. I really need to do something a bit challenging! Anyone have any ideas? Not too hard, but more than stockinette or garter!

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