Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knitting Injury, Cute Kitty, and a Panda

Last night I jumped onto my bed to finish up the first Fetching for me. There were needles upright in my bag. I bounced onto them and got stabbed in the side. Here's the damage:

Ouch! I did finish Fetching number one and have 6 rows of number two finished. I'll post pics next week once I'm back from Thanksgiving break. I'm using the olive green Corriedale wool I spun up.

And this is Rowan. He was napping and I had to get a picture! He's being so inappropriate!

This is Mike (pronouced Meeka, like from EuroTrip). She was a panda for Halloween. She was very pregnant in the picture, poor thing... her belly was huge! But now she has 5 adorable babies.

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