Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lost Scarf...

So, I lost my angora scarf. And I only had it one week (exactly). Shawn and I went out Sunday for our one-year anniversary (yay!). I wore the scarf in to O'Charley's to eat. I was careful not to leave it and brought it back to the car when we were finished. We then went to the itsy bitsy mall that's somewhat nearby. I didn't wear it in because it wasn't cool enough. Once we got back on campus I found I had lost it. I think it fell out of the car when we got to the mall. I didn't see it when we got back into the car. Today I have to get allergy shots and we'll run by the mall to see if anyone turned it in. If not, I'm letting myself believe that someone found it and is using it. I just get so attached to things and feel like I let it down... I hate the thought that my scarf is in the middle of the parking lot getting run over and rained on!

Moma's secret gift is about 45% finished. I'm so excited.

I changed (again!) what I'm making for my dad. Haven't started it yet.

I've been designing and will be casting on some fingerless gloves soon.

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