Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Gift Completed

I'm quite proud of myself. I have a gift finished up and it's not even Decemeber yet! This is for Stephanie...
Two washcloths, a soap holder thing, lavender-scented bath oils, and cinnamon-scented candles. And here are pictures of the items separately for detail (the blue cloth is shown in an older post):
This is the LacyMock Cable Cloth from MonthlyDishcloths (July 2006 mid-month):
And the Soap Holder Thing. I modified it a bit, but it's mostly the same as the pattern. I really love this and it was one of those "instant gratification" pieces. Knitted up very fast.

I decided to change up what I'm making for my parents for Christmas. Not posting what it is here, but the house shoes aren't going to work out. I can't find the right size needles anywhere and don't want to have to order them online. So, other projects that I'm very excited about.
Now all I have left...
-Moma's secret gift
-Daddy's secret gift
-4 doggy bandanas (which I haven't yet designed the fire hydrant for)
Making a dent! The longest to make will be my dad's gift. I know what it will be, but haven't yet decided how it's going to be.

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