Thursday, December 6, 2007


Early presents! I had asked for spinning fiber for Christmas... Moma called yesterday and told me to pick out 100.00 worth of fiber as a Christmas gift. She didn't know what to get me or where to get it.

So, here they are! I ordered them last night and am anxiously waiting for their arrival. Please note, these pictures were NOT taken by me. They are off the Etsy website. The info will be included with each picture (they are separated by seller).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is 4 ounces of a Corriedale wool and mohair blend (70/30). Grapevine colorway. The skein isn't included in the purchase, but shows what it looks like spun up. I LOVE this color and I bet it is to-die-for soft! It was purchased from Spinning Moon Farm, where they raise their own Angora goats.
Here is 4 ounces of Norwegian wool in the colorway Vineyard (am I on a grape thing right now?). It's a coarser wool, good for winter outerwear. This is probably going to become a saddle treat bag... my horses are spoiled and get treats on rides! Also good for carrying my cell phone, water bottle, etc.
YUM. I look at this and my heart flutters... I totally have a crush on this roving! It is 4 ounces of South African Fine, handpainted in the colorway Romance. Perfect name for this, I'm in love. It is next-to-skin soft. I'm going to have a hard time even spinning this up... I'm afraid I'll ruin it! These two are from the Sereknity Boutique.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 ounces of wool and mohair blend in the colorway Bumble Bee Fields (kettle dyed). I can't wait to see how this spins up! 4 ounces of a wool blend in the Arrakis colorway. It was kettle dyed, and this is a blend of oranges and tans. Not sure what I'll be doing with it, but I can't wait to create with it!
4 ounces of a handpainted wool blend in the Tree Tree Tree colorway. It is a lovely, soft blend of greens and browns. I wanted something with softer, pastel-like colors and this is perfect! These rovings are from the Electric Sheep.
4 ounces of handpainted superwash sock roving. Dyed with violets, magentas, and chartreuse. It is 75% wool, 25% nylon. The nylon runs along side the wool, not blended with the wool. I purchased this from Fibers Arts in Various Forms (mysmallwonders).
4 ounces hand-dyed Merino roving in the colorway Hebrides Overture. This fiber artist is inspired by music... it works for me! These colors are WONDERFUL... I love this batch of roving and can't wait to have the pleasure of spinning and knitting it! It was purchased from Strings and Yarn.

Aren't I a lucky girl? Aren't you jealous? Maybe now some I can be on the receiving end of the jealousy eyes... I'm usually the one sending them! ;-D

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Christy B. said... pretty! I'm very jealous. I also went to NGC (beautiful campus) and got my BS in Criminal Justice. Is Leo Downing still there?