Wednesday, January 30, 2008

101 things about me

1. My mother is Korean, my father is White.
2. I have broken my nose twice.
3. I've only been knitting seriously for about a year and knit most days.
4. My pet that is always with me (never left at home when I'm at school) is Squishy, my rat.
5. I love hippos.
6. Elephant gray used to make me feel sick to look at.
7. I HATE the smell and taste of smoke salmon.
8. I got engaged July 5, 2007.
9. My brother has three middle names.
10. I am phobic of cyclops and get chills and anxiety just thinking about them.
11. I dream every night and always remember them.
12. I had ankle surgery (ligament repair) November 2005.
13. I have attended two colleges.
14. I get anxiety over germs, even numbers, stepping on grates, and a number of other things.
15. I have been in a college ROTC program.
16. Olive, turquoise, and deep reds are my favorite colors.
17. I wanted to be a magician when I was little.
18. I love musicals.
19. I hate Braveheart.
20. I have been spinning on my Ashford Traditional since I was 16 (that's almost 5 years!).
21. I bred and showed rabbits for 6 years before school finally took over my time and money.
22. Shawn and I are going to have a hobby farm once we're married.
23. I like biblical and historical names for my pets.
24. American and Holocaust history are my favorite.
25. I work out in the gym at 6am Monday through Friday.
26. I fast on Saturdays.
27. I hate animal rights and only support animal welfare.
28. I only drink water other than a diet caffeine-free coke once a week.
29. I have my kids' names picked out already (Timothy Shepard, Rhys Ayden, and Chaya Naomi... let's hope I have 2 boys and a girl!).
30. I plan EVERYTHING and get a little anxious when things don't work out the way I had hoped/anticipated.
31. My father was shot in the line of duty as a deputy and is disabled.
32. I love calenders and often have several.
33. I collect Breyer Horses, Wade figurines, yarn (obviously), piggy (or other) banks, and hippo stuff.
34. I love miniature things.
35. I'm mostly attracted to dorky guys (but not the Trekkie or Dungeons and Dragons type... think Riley from National Treasure or Ross from Friends).
36. I finished off my gelding (Rowdy) in his training and have almost broke his daughter (Acorn).
37. I bred show quality fancy mice and rats for about 4 years.
38. 90's Alternative is my favorite type of music, though Country and some rock is also good.
39. I took piano lessons for six years.
40. I love stationary and office supplies.
41. My ultimate goal is to be a stay-at-home mother and a hobby farmer.
42. I love country life and can't imagine living in a city.
43. I'm very conservative in political views.
44. Law classes are my favorite though I'm a history major.
45. I get stir-crazy if I'm stuck indoors all day.
46. My family and I breed and show Standard Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers.
47. I am a bit radical in my views against animal rights and governmental control.
48. I was on the 4-H shotgun team for a year and made state.
50. I plan on raising rabbits, dogs, hogs, goats, sheep, cattle, and poultry on my farm.
51. I love my name.
52. I am pretty reserved and have been called a stoic.
53. I usually don't laugh at things that amuse me unless they are REALLY funny.
54. Zuccini is my favorite vegetable.
55. I'm allergic to strawberries, oranges, one type of dust, peas, all melons, bananas, every tree but birch, every grass, and every weed.
56. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
57. I like to argue about politics.
58. I don't really like meat that much.
59. I'm not concerned about global warming or an "energy crisis."
60. I used to stutter some when I was little.
61. I think a lot of things are overrated (dolphins, Japanese culture, Finding Nemo, and Jessica Alba are a few).
62. I have myspace and facebook accounts but never go on.
63. I have to take three allergy medications and get weekly shots to keep my symptoms under control and they still flare up slightly about once a week.
64. I have broken my ankle, foot, and arm in addition to my nose and have torn ligaments in my shoulder and ankles numerous times.
65. I can't dive.
66. I think someone's talking to me when they start a sentence with "To me..."
67. I'm afraid that I'll get botulism or some other type of food poisoning.
68. I do things in multiples of three or at least an odd number if possible.
69. Shawn is getting a Boxer once we're married and he's naming it Otto von Bismarck (he's a history major also); Otto for short.
70. I love dinosaurs and aligators.
71. I get bored with things easily, including people.
72. I remember my first B on a report card (7th grade).
73. I am easily overwhelmed by noises and tastes.
74. I prefer working alone to working in groups.
75. I like to do things for charity, but not through a charity.
76. I trained my first dog in basic obedience by myself when I was nine years old.
77. I hate baby blue (by itself).
78. I can be too generous at times and too selfish at others.
79. I don't like modern designs for things like buildings and appliances.
80. I love names and have several baby and pet name books.
81. I love all crafts.
82. I like fishing and hunting.
83. I don't care much for France or Canada (individuals from there are ok on a person-by-person basis).
84. I am conversational in Spanish.
85. I did livestock judging when I was younger.
86. I have been to South Korea three times.
87. I love to knit socks and dog clothes.
88. I love Lost.
89. Nicolas Cage is my favorite actor.
90. I have no pity for drug addicts or other criminals.
91. I am graduating (hopefully) Spring of 2009.
92. My father's side is German, Cherokee, and Appalachian hillbilly.
93. I love to draw and paint.
94. I am learning Korean.
95. I can be a bit disorganized.
96. I love science and physiological psychology books.
97. I prefer to make/grow my own stuff.
98. I used to want to join a sorority, but then I came to my senses.
99. I don't like punk, goth, or emo style.
100. I like the smell of diesel.
101. I use poor grammar (ain't, funner, etc.) sometimes, but always use "well" and "good" correctly.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Avatar for Knittyboard

I love my SP!

I just got my first package in the SP10 round... my upstream really spoiled me! I wasn't expecting so much nice stuff!Look at all of it! There's 4 ounces of the yummiest BFL roving in the "Log Cabin" colorway... wonderful colors... burgunday, burnt orange, a dusky green... Then the KnitPicks US 2 dpns! Nice nice nice! And I so needed some more! And Lang Yarns Ja Woll sock yarn!!! Beautiful colors... greens, blues, tans, orangey, etc. These will make beautiful socks! I can't wait! There's a Tom Clancy book (he's one of my fave authors), Patriot Games. I needed a new read, so this is perfect! And the tea... Twinings of London Jasmine Green Tea (my all-time favorite type of tea) and also some honey "spoons" that will be perfect withe the green tea. YUM. And then there is the cutest hippo Webkinz... Darling! I LOVE hippos and have actually been wanting a Webkinz (I totally went through the Beanie Baby thing when I was younger and can't help but love this king of thing). And, finally, a very pretty and sweet card from my SP (code name, Zoo Girl).

Aren't I a lucky girl?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lots of pictures...

I made my trip to Knitch today! WOW, very impressive store. Here's what I got:
Hempathy in Red Rose and Desert S (the S got cut off on the label... Storm, maybe?). It was on sale, I figured it was a good time to get some to play with.

Araucania Ranco Multi and Solid. I love sock yarn! It's really an addiction... The Multi is for ME and the Solid... Socks for Shawn.

Roving!!! 4 ounces of the Cobalt and 8 ounces of the Seaweed colorway. All Merino and they are hand-dyed by a local fiber artist named Gale. Beautiful and oh-so-soft.

And my Monkey (front and the back):

And Wisp (for my mom):

More socks, more yarn, and wisp

I'm about half done with my first Monkey (from Knitty, but Cookie A.). It's in the Sockotta and looks great! I'll post pics tomorrow.

A trip to Cast-On Cottage in Roswell left me with more yarn! I also made a trip to the LYS in Dahlonega, Magical Threads. I got:

-5 skeins of Crystal Palace Party (nylon ribbon yarn)... 3 Oranges-Cherries and 2 Celery
-3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace... 1 black for the downstream (from Knittyboard's SP10) and 2 Sealing Wax (a nice reddish) for me
-1 skein Knit One, Crochet Too Douceur et Soie (70% kid mohair, 30% silk laceweight)... off-whitish color
-1 skein Regia sock yarn... Jacquard Color lavender, navy, lime, gray
-2 skeins Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet sock yarn... both reddish in color and both for my downstream
-1 skein Cascade Yarns Leisure - Bulky... a bluish purple color. Made something from it for my downstream for V-day (got an early start!)

I'm using the laceweight to make Wisp for my mom. It's coming along nicely... I so enjoy lace!

All this new yarn... And I'm going to Knitch Wednesday! I gave myself a 100.00 allowance for my trip there. No real idea on what to get yet... just going and getting whatever my heart desires! AND AND AND Shawn is giving me 100.00 for there for my birthday! I swear, that boy can't keep a secret from me for anything... My birthday is in May! But the meaniehead won't let me have my gift early! He's torturing me with it. I'll be getting some nice crimson red yarn with the gift money for my wedding Clapotis. It'll go so well with my wedding dress (in a larger wrap size with pearls added to it).

Yep, Shawn and I have almost settled on a date for the big day! IF he can graduate on time in December '09 we'll be getting married around the 15th! Whatever day is before his commissioning ceremony. Plans are to get hitched in Helen, Ga, that Friday morning (we aren't Catholic, but like the idea of an 1100 wedding), have the reception for lunch (all Korean food!), part ways with everyone else for a bit, then meet back up for a nice dinner with the family. Shawn and I off to our cabin, everyone else to their hotel, then Saturday go to the ceremony, then Shawn and I off on our honeymoon (probably to spend a wonderful week in a cabin all to ourselves in Virginia or upstate NY or somewhere like that. Or maybe we'll keep it simple, and local, and just stay in Gatlinburg, TN?).

More about yarn... a trip to visit my Korean grandparents (Ok, my mom's stepdad is white, to be exact, but he's Korean enough) this past weekend left me with tons of bamboo straight needles, circs, and yarn! Imo (my grandmother... it actually means "aunt", but whatever) had a huge stash of yarn and all of it is mine now! Mostly acrylic, but that's Ok! I plan on using a lot of it for scarves to donate to a homeless shelter and for clothes for my dogs.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My socks!

Here they are! I finished the first one Saturday and did the second today, while Shawn was at drill. I knitted and read The Scarlet Letter from 0900 to about 1630 yesterday and today. Well, I knitted most of the time. I did take breaks and just read for maybe 30 minutes at a time every so often.

I love my socks! They fit great on my size 6.5, sometimes 7, feet and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. And I LOVE how the colors came out! Kind of like muted neons or something... definitely some neon yellow, lime green, neon pink and blue, etc, and lots of purple, but they're toned down by the amount of white that was in the roving.
Looking at the pic, though, my left big toe looks kind of funny for some reason... I think I was holding it up or something!
In line to be cast on soon:
-Felted messenger bag. I need (want) a new bookbag for school and I want to make it! I'll be using the Patons Classic Merino in Natural Mix that Shawn's parents got for me in Christmas, as well as some of the other Patons colors I have (dark forest green color, paprika, etc) to accent it. I'll be making it up as I go, but have a general idea of what I want for it to look like. I think I'll add a dinosaur on it somewhere...
-Socks. Vadleany Socks, Little Pumpkins Socks, Horseshoe Cable Socks, etc. Socks Socks Socks!
-Sweater for Fifa (Arthur's male Yorkie). Arty wants an Argyle pattern on it. It will be a basic turtleneck pattern, probably in Red Heart acrylic (cheap and washable/dryable).
-Sweater for Gideon and also one for Cash. Not sure exactly what yet, though.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Current wip...

Look! My first socks! Or, sock. No real pattern I'm following, just kind of making it up as I go along, just getting the basics from a generic sock template. The yarn is sock yarn I spun up (remember the early Christmas gift?) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Such pretty colors and it's knitting up so well. This sock isn't perfect, but it's coming along well. The other twin will be better, but I'll love both equally :-)

I'm addicted to sock knitting. I never understood those that went on and on about socks, raving about them. Well, now I do! Here's the yarn for my next project:
Sockotta. The stuff's expensive (at least for me... remember, I'm a poor college student!), but I had to buy it. I got it when I went to Nease's Needlework in Decatur. Can't wait to use it! Not sure what pattern I'll be using, but have been searching Ravelry and have a few in mind.

I also have this:
It's Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK (a washable DK weight merino). Handpainted in earth tones, just over 1000 yards here. It's my prize yarn from the contest I won on Hither and Yarn's blog!
Socks? Mittens? We'll have to see... Though I'm thinking socks, now that I'm obsessed. Need more sock yarn (or roving to spin into sock yarn!). Will have to see about checking out the seller I got the current wip roving from (75% wool, 25% nylon)...

Hither and Yarn also sent me some Euroflax and a nice pattern for a washcloth. I wasn't able to get to my school mail over December, so she sent me this extra to my home address! So sweet and very appreciated!

Oh, and my mom's now back into sock knitting. She could do the basics and would make beanies and house shoe-socks for my brother and dad. Over Christmas break she saw me knitting/spinning non-stop and had to go out and get her a set of DPNs and some yarn. She's been using the Vanna White yarn for it and has made 2 pairs so far. She has the yarn to make me a pair.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Here it is! I'm adding it as a pattern to Ravelry. I love it! Not completely finished yet, but will be tonight. Have a few more rows until it's as long as I want and need to weave in the loose ends. I'm calling it Shasta.Modeled by the lovely Harriet the hippo.

Close-up of the pattern (daisy stitch).

Here's the recipe:

Yarn - Patons Rumor, Duberry Heather colorway (lot 155999), 4 skeins (I used 3.5, but that's also with fringe. 3 should be enough if without fringe)

Needles - US 10

Gauge - 15 stitches, 18 rows in pattern = 4 inches

Daisy Stitch - Purl 3 together, but don't drop stitches from the left needle. Wrap yarn around right needle and purl those three stitches together again. Drop from left stitch.

Cast on 25 stitches (the pattern is multiple of 4, plus 1).
Row 1: knit across
Row 2: k1, *daisy stitch, k1* to end
Row 3: knit across
Row 4: k1, p1, k1, *daisy stitch, k1* to last 2 stitches, p1, k1

Repeat to desired length and add fringe if you want.


Sunday, January 6, 2008


I finished Shawn's scarf, and by the deadline I had set myself too! I finished it Wed. night, so he would be able to wear it Thursday. Of course, it's warmed up enough not to wear it, but he did get some use of it early before the sun got hot.

I also finished up a scarf for myself. I used the reddish Rumors (Patons) and I love it! I did a daisy chain stitch from Stitchionary (knit and purl). It's so pretty and a fun knit. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More about Christmas

I still need to get more pics of the Christmas gifts up, but here's a pic of my first project on my loom:

I didn't have anything in mind for it really, just wanted to try out the loom. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! It's not perfect, but pretty good for my first time, I think. I used some of the Grapevine handspun I did up recently and some plain old Red Heart super saver (a self-striping blue and tan). It's good as a small wrap or a short scarf (I'm using it as a scarf now, perfect length for under a jacket).

I finished this one the 26th and did another the 29th. It's so much better. A scarf, with 2 different colors (tan Bernat chunky and a reddish Patons Rumors). Got to use some different techniques for it. Don't have a picture, or it anymore, actually, since my brother has it now. I can't seem to keep much of what I make for myself, knitting or weaving. Arthur also has my Fetching (the olive green ones). He wore them to work and didn't tell me. I was wondering why they were so big. I ended up just giving them to him.

I was able to go to a yarn store the 22nd. Nease's Needleworks in Decatur. Nice store. I ended up getting 4 skeins of Cascades Peruvian wool (2 in white and 2 in a heathered blue) and a skein of Sockotta yarn (variegated red, yellow, white, orange). Here are pics (no pic of the sockotta yet):

Not white, huh? Well, that's because I dyed them! It was my first time ever dying yarn and I love it! I can't wait to be able to dye some more. I really like the idea of using natural dyes. These were done with tea bags. One ended up a little darker than the other, but only really noticeable if you're looking for it. We used 4 bags in a gallon of water. Bring to a boil, take down to a simmer with yarn added. Keep until color is as desired (we kept them in until all color was absorbed). Rinse then add to a bath of water and vinegar (we guessed, but supposed to be like a 1/4 or 1/3 cup, can't remember). Rinse and let dry. We forgot to rinse after the vinegar, so the yarn smells like Salt and Vinegar chips, but I'll be washing a completed project with it to remove the smell (I like it, but most probably wouldn't want it).

I'm working on a scarf for Shawn. Yes, he's actually going to use something I made him. After starting and frogging the entire thing about 5 times I (um, he) settled on a pattern. It's an almost-moss stitch. Cast on 20 (which I now realize I should've done only 16, as it's kind of wide), Row 1: k2, p2 across, Row 2 & 3: p2, k2 across. Keep doing this. Almost the same as moss stitch, but without the repeat of the k2, p2 row. It makes a neat ribbing look with a kind of ladder design going up. Will be posting pics soon.