Wednesday, January 30, 2008

101 things about me

1. My mother is Korean, my father is White.
2. I have broken my nose twice.
3. I've only been knitting seriously for about a year and knit most days.
4. My pet that is always with me (never left at home when I'm at school) is Squishy, my rat.
5. I love hippos.
6. Elephant gray used to make me feel sick to look at.
7. I HATE the smell and taste of smoke salmon.
8. I got engaged July 5, 2007.
9. My brother has three middle names.
10. I am phobic of cyclops and get chills and anxiety just thinking about them.
11. I dream every night and always remember them.
12. I had ankle surgery (ligament repair) November 2005.
13. I have attended two colleges.
14. I get anxiety over germs, even numbers, stepping on grates, and a number of other things.
15. I have been in a college ROTC program.
16. Olive, turquoise, and deep reds are my favorite colors.
17. I wanted to be a magician when I was little.
18. I love musicals.
19. I hate Braveheart.
20. I have been spinning on my Ashford Traditional since I was 16 (that's almost 5 years!).
21. I bred and showed rabbits for 6 years before school finally took over my time and money.
22. Shawn and I are going to have a hobby farm once we're married.
23. I like biblical and historical names for my pets.
24. American and Holocaust history are my favorite.
25. I work out in the gym at 6am Monday through Friday.
26. I fast on Saturdays.
27. I hate animal rights and only support animal welfare.
28. I only drink water other than a diet caffeine-free coke once a week.
29. I have my kids' names picked out already (Timothy Shepard, Rhys Ayden, and Chaya Naomi... let's hope I have 2 boys and a girl!).
30. I plan EVERYTHING and get a little anxious when things don't work out the way I had hoped/anticipated.
31. My father was shot in the line of duty as a deputy and is disabled.
32. I love calenders and often have several.
33. I collect Breyer Horses, Wade figurines, yarn (obviously), piggy (or other) banks, and hippo stuff.
34. I love miniature things.
35. I'm mostly attracted to dorky guys (but not the Trekkie or Dungeons and Dragons type... think Riley from National Treasure or Ross from Friends).
36. I finished off my gelding (Rowdy) in his training and have almost broke his daughter (Acorn).
37. I bred show quality fancy mice and rats for about 4 years.
38. 90's Alternative is my favorite type of music, though Country and some rock is also good.
39. I took piano lessons for six years.
40. I love stationary and office supplies.
41. My ultimate goal is to be a stay-at-home mother and a hobby farmer.
42. I love country life and can't imagine living in a city.
43. I'm very conservative in political views.
44. Law classes are my favorite though I'm a history major.
45. I get stir-crazy if I'm stuck indoors all day.
46. My family and I breed and show Standard Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers.
47. I am a bit radical in my views against animal rights and governmental control.
48. I was on the 4-H shotgun team for a year and made state.
50. I plan on raising rabbits, dogs, hogs, goats, sheep, cattle, and poultry on my farm.
51. I love my name.
52. I am pretty reserved and have been called a stoic.
53. I usually don't laugh at things that amuse me unless they are REALLY funny.
54. Zuccini is my favorite vegetable.
55. I'm allergic to strawberries, oranges, one type of dust, peas, all melons, bananas, every tree but birch, every grass, and every weed.
56. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
57. I like to argue about politics.
58. I don't really like meat that much.
59. I'm not concerned about global warming or an "energy crisis."
60. I used to stutter some when I was little.
61. I think a lot of things are overrated (dolphins, Japanese culture, Finding Nemo, and Jessica Alba are a few).
62. I have myspace and facebook accounts but never go on.
63. I have to take three allergy medications and get weekly shots to keep my symptoms under control and they still flare up slightly about once a week.
64. I have broken my ankle, foot, and arm in addition to my nose and have torn ligaments in my shoulder and ankles numerous times.
65. I can't dive.
66. I think someone's talking to me when they start a sentence with "To me..."
67. I'm afraid that I'll get botulism or some other type of food poisoning.
68. I do things in multiples of three or at least an odd number if possible.
69. Shawn is getting a Boxer once we're married and he's naming it Otto von Bismarck (he's a history major also); Otto for short.
70. I love dinosaurs and aligators.
71. I get bored with things easily, including people.
72. I remember my first B on a report card (7th grade).
73. I am easily overwhelmed by noises and tastes.
74. I prefer working alone to working in groups.
75. I like to do things for charity, but not through a charity.
76. I trained my first dog in basic obedience by myself when I was nine years old.
77. I hate baby blue (by itself).
78. I can be too generous at times and too selfish at others.
79. I don't like modern designs for things like buildings and appliances.
80. I love names and have several baby and pet name books.
81. I love all crafts.
82. I like fishing and hunting.
83. I don't care much for France or Canada (individuals from there are ok on a person-by-person basis).
84. I am conversational in Spanish.
85. I did livestock judging when I was younger.
86. I have been to South Korea three times.
87. I love to knit socks and dog clothes.
88. I love Lost.
89. Nicolas Cage is my favorite actor.
90. I have no pity for drug addicts or other criminals.
91. I am graduating (hopefully) Spring of 2009.
92. My father's side is German, Cherokee, and Appalachian hillbilly.
93. I love to draw and paint.
94. I am learning Korean.
95. I can be a bit disorganized.
96. I love science and physiological psychology books.
97. I prefer to make/grow my own stuff.
98. I used to want to join a sorority, but then I came to my senses.
99. I don't like punk, goth, or emo style.
100. I like the smell of diesel.
101. I use poor grammar (ain't, funner, etc.) sometimes, but always use "well" and "good" correctly.

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