Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More socks, more yarn, and wisp

I'm about half done with my first Monkey (from Knitty, but Cookie A.). It's in the Sockotta and looks great! I'll post pics tomorrow.

A trip to Cast-On Cottage in Roswell left me with more yarn! I also made a trip to the LYS in Dahlonega, Magical Threads. I got:

-5 skeins of Crystal Palace Party (nylon ribbon yarn)... 3 Oranges-Cherries and 2 Celery
-3 skeins of Malabrigo Lace... 1 black for the downstream (from Knittyboard's SP10) and 2 Sealing Wax (a nice reddish) for me
-1 skein Knit One, Crochet Too Douceur et Soie (70% kid mohair, 30% silk laceweight)... off-whitish color
-1 skein Regia sock yarn... Jacquard Color lavender, navy, lime, gray
-2 skeins Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet sock yarn... both reddish in color and both for my downstream
-1 skein Cascade Yarns Leisure - Bulky... a bluish purple color. Made something from it for my downstream for V-day (got an early start!)

I'm using the laceweight to make Wisp for my mom. It's coming along nicely... I so enjoy lace!

All this new yarn... And I'm going to Knitch Wednesday! I gave myself a 100.00 allowance for my trip there. No real idea on what to get yet... just going and getting whatever my heart desires! AND AND AND Shawn is giving me 100.00 for there for my birthday! I swear, that boy can't keep a secret from me for anything... My birthday is in May! But the meaniehead won't let me have my gift early! He's torturing me with it. I'll be getting some nice crimson red yarn with the gift money for my wedding Clapotis. It'll go so well with my wedding dress (in a larger wrap size with pearls added to it).

Yep, Shawn and I have almost settled on a date for the big day! IF he can graduate on time in December '09 we'll be getting married around the 15th! Whatever day is before his commissioning ceremony. Plans are to get hitched in Helen, Ga, that Friday morning (we aren't Catholic, but like the idea of an 1100 wedding), have the reception for lunch (all Korean food!), part ways with everyone else for a bit, then meet back up for a nice dinner with the family. Shawn and I off to our cabin, everyone else to their hotel, then Saturday go to the ceremony, then Shawn and I off on our honeymoon (probably to spend a wonderful week in a cabin all to ourselves in Virginia or upstate NY or somewhere like that. Or maybe we'll keep it simple, and local, and just stay in Gatlinburg, TN?).

More about yarn... a trip to visit my Korean grandparents (Ok, my mom's stepdad is white, to be exact, but he's Korean enough) this past weekend left me with tons of bamboo straight needles, circs, and yarn! Imo (my grandmother... it actually means "aunt", but whatever) had a huge stash of yarn and all of it is mine now! Mostly acrylic, but that's Ok! I plan on using a lot of it for scarves to donate to a homeless shelter and for clothes for my dogs.

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