Sunday, February 10, 2008

And the Monkeys are finished!

I finally finished Monkey. Love the pattern, but boy am I glad to be finished with it. I did the second sock (on my left foot in the pic) on different needles than the first (first in Susan Bates metals, second in Knitpicks Harmony (wood)) because I lost the metals between socks. Soooo.... the left is a touch larger than the right. That's Ok, though, as it's not too bad. These will be going in the wash today so I can wear them tomorrow. I don't have any sock blockers, so they won't be all pretty and defined any time soon. I told Shawn about my need and he'll be making me some some day.
Still working on the Antje socks. I'm really starting to love this method of sock knitting! It's so much faster and no Single Sock Syndrome (which I suffer from, as most sock knitters do!).
Today I will probably cast on for some baby booties. It's a good way to get rid of left over sock yarn (I'm very tired of looking at this Sockotta! I need to use it up).

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