Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm hating myself...

... but loving my new yarn and goodies!

I have never believed in yarn diets. Ever. Why deny yourself something so vital to your existence? But, I decided to go on one last Friday after Antje's class. I spent well over 100.00 (I'm a college student, remember? I don't have an extra 100.00! A quarter is precious to me!) at Cast-on Cottage. I love Cast-on Cottage. But my goodies were certainly worth it and I wouldn't do it differently if I could.

However, I decided NO MORE YARN (especially sock yarn!) until I had used up a lot of what's already in my stash.

Yeah, well, that yarn diet lasted all of 4 days. A trip to Magical Threads, here in Dahlonega, to get ribbon for the Everlasting Bagstopper (for my enviro science instructor) and take a look at thread to reinforce socks (look with the intention of possibly buying). They didn't have the ribbon or the thread. I did get some that might work for reinforcing socks, we'll see. Since I was there, I figured I would take a look around the yarn shop. I did need a new pair of size 10 24" circs for the bag... Ok, blinders on, I would run in and grab the needles and run out again before I had the chance to stand in awe of the yarn. Did it work? Well, what do you think?

I grabbed the needles. No problem there. I stopped by the other accessory wall just to take a peek. Oooo... a pretty button that would go perfectly with the hat I'd been meaning to make using Hebride's Overture. Ok, it's only 2.00, so I'll get it while I'm here. Who knows when I'll find something like it or better? Oh yeah, I have a single, lonely skein of Regia sock yarn that needs a matching friend so that I can actually make socks with it. Uh, what color was it? And the lot number? I looked around and think I found the right color. But what lot? Oh well, that skein will end up being baby booties or something. I actually started toward the door without yarn, but saw this:

Sockotta and in a pretty colorway! I tried resisting, but I knew it was futile anyway and gave in after about 13 seconds of mentally fighting with myself over it. It has found a good home with me.

So, I'm now back to my original thoughts on yarn diets. Why do it? Especially when I know it will end in failure? It could have been much worse (I could have gone back to CoC or gotten on Etsy), or so I keep telling myself. Shawn just shook his head when he saw my bag.

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