Thursday, February 21, 2008

Log Cabin

Here is the Log Cabin my SP sent in the first package... I ended up spinning it into a worsted yarn. I still have a little bit more to ply; this is just what I could get onto one bobbin. Beautiful yarn! It is around 115 yards. I'm not quite sure what it's destined to become, so for now it is just going to be loved on and fondled. I'm thinking this yarn wants to be felted, though, so maybe a small bag? I want it to be something that I use often, so we'll just have to see...

I'm almost finished with the cuff on the Side Step socks. I still can't get over that Ja Woll's colors! I toyed with the idea of just doing the socks in stockinette to preserve the striping, but decided to stick with the pattern. It mixes up the colors a little to make it interesting, but still shows the colors well.

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