Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My socks are coming along!

I'm not sure if I mentioned my goal of one sock a week... If not, here it is now. I plan on knitting at least one sock a week from now on. I started last week. In January I got 3 socks knitted (my first pair and one Monkey) and last week I got the second Monkey finished.

Here is this week's progress:

The ones I started Friday during Antje's class. I have about an inch and a half left on the foot and then the toe. I love this method! But, to be fair to the dpns, I love them too. I hope to cast on (using the Antje method) for Side Step Socks using the Ja Woll my SP sent me. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow. I will also be casting on for the Everlasting Bagstopper.

Other knitting goals:

-Knit the Mochimochi Land toy of a snake eating a mouse. I bought the pattern a while back... it's sooo cute! If you think a mouse being devoured by a snake is cute. But, seriously, the snake does eat the mouse and they both have toupees (is that spelled right?). This is going to be for Arthur's birthday (DBrother). If I don't finish in time I'll whip up a frog prince toy instead. Another pattern I bought recently. Very cute.

-Finish Wisp! I'm getting tired of it. It's in the way and I keep treating it like it's so fragile it'll tear apart if I breathe on it the wrong way.

-Get started on a wrap using the Malabrigo Lace I have (2 skeins). I'm using an easy flame pattern, which I found a scarf pattern for (I'll just make it larger).

-Knit me a hat. I found a very cute pattern that has a big button. That's the button I bought today at Magical Threads. I'll be using the Hebride's Overture I spun up.

Enough for now. I have an exam tomorrow and I really need to study (but blogging and knitting are so much fun.... No! Must Study! Grades are more important, or so they say...).

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