Thursday, February 21, 2008


Zoo Girl has struck again! My SP is wonderful. Look at what she sent me this time...

A Tom Clancy book, a box calender with animal comics (which I had to resist buying whenever I went to the bookstore... my SP is a mindreader!), Valentine heart candy, a tin of chocolates, a milk chocolate bar (which, as you can see in the pic, I broke into as soon as I saw it!), the cutest singing card ("Who let the dogs out?"), and....

A Knit Picks kit! It is the Entrelac bag one. I can't wait to get started on this. I need to get a few other gifts finished first, but this is next on the list! Here is a better pic of the finished bag:

My row counter came in. It isn't exact, but Shawn and I were able to figure out the percentage of its accuracy. It gets about 91% of the actual length. With minimal math I can get a close number to the real amount. Better than not have a clue about it at all! I hope to get a scale soon so I can have another method to figure it out with to be a little more accurate.

And here are the WIPS:

Side Step Socks on size 2 circs using the Ja Woll my SP sent in the first package. I love this yarn! It's gorgeous and feels so nice.

The Mochimochi Land Snake for Arthur. Coming along so nicely and the yarn (Tree Tree Tree, handspun) is perfect for a toy snake. I think I'll do the mouse in Arakis.

The base of the Everlasting Bagstopper for my instructor. This is a fun and easy knit. I'm really enjoying it and will probably make one for myself after making a small dent in my queue.

I've been winding sooo many balls of yarn. I have a lot still in the skein. I look at it, want to knit with it, but can't because it's not wound. So, last night I got out the winder and new counter gadget and wound away. Got through the Happy Feet, lavender Araucania Ranco, all the Cherry Tree Hill from the contest I won, and the Ja Woll.

I joined a swap on Swap-Bot. It's 2 dishcloths sent to your partner. I need to get started on them. They have to be sent out on March 10... plenty of time, but it's nice to have things finished early! I will be sending a St. Patrick's Day themed surprise with them!

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Zoo Girl said...

Hooray!! Sorry the package was a little late for Valentines... :)

So glad you liked the calendar, and especially that you hadn't bought it!!! I was going into Borders this weekend for a knitting meeting and all of their calendars were out front for $1 each!!! I saw it and just knew I had to get it for you :)

You sure do have a lot of WIP's! Wow. Glad you're enjoying everything though!