Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some pictures...

This is what's currently on the wheel. I had spun the singles over Christmas break and it has sat there all sad while I decided what to do with it. I'm plying it. What I had originally planned on. I should always go with my first instincts. If you don't remember it, it is Arakis, a wool blend, purchased from Electric Sheep on I call it my cantalope yarn because that's what it reminds me of. This will probably be used for a felted project, though I'm not sure.

Next in line to be plied. This is the roving from my SP10 upstream, Log Cabin, BFL (my absolute favorite!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Yes, Mr. Roar is in the background for moral support. I still have some more fiber to spin up. Should it be socks? They would be gorgeous. Still not sure what to do with it yet, but will have to see! I need the perfect pattern.
And, my girl Pepper. She's my bearded dragon. A lovely orange, yellow, and purple (more purple with every shed!) female. She's very friendly. Pepper will be a year old this summer. She's in her sleepy time currently and will be fully awake again by the end of the month or so.
My love! This is Squishy. He was born in my rattery (when I was still breeding) and was sired by one of my favorite rats I ever had, Hamlet. Squish is such a love. He knows his name, comes when called (unless he's being a brat!), and knows the sound of a plastic wrapper means treat time! I LOVE this rat. He's my buddy. It's really funny because he hated Shawn at first. He got jealous!!! He would nip Shawn (and he never bites... he licks when he's mad. It's so cute), pee all over his stuff (homework, clothes, etc), and even tried to destroy his Valentine's Day card from last year). Now they're better friends, but Squish still loves his moma the most. He will be 2 on October 10.
And the newest addition to the menagerie.... Peaches! She's a double rex (nothing but a peach-fuzz coat) dumbo. I'm guessing Siamese in color due to the pink eyes and the darker nose and tail base. She's still pretty young, probably around 2 months old. I got her from a pet store in Hiram when Shawn had drill last weekend. She's going to be a girlfriend for Squishy. He's getting a little older and I want a son from him while he can still breed (all their babies will have curly hair!). Peaches is very active and sweet, but still needs more handling and work to get to where she seeks out human contact. We'll get there, though.

And for some knitting updates....

I'm *almost* finished with the second Monkey. I hate it. It's taking forever. I only have about 3 pattern repeats and the toe left before I'm finished with it. I can't wait.

I took a class last night at Cast-on Cottage in Roswell, Ga. It was my first knitting class and it was wonderful! It was taught by Antje Gillingham and was on her book, Knitting Circles Around Socks (knitting 2 socks at the same time on 2 circs). I got the book for Christmas from Moma and had never opened it until last night. The class was well-taught and the method pretty simple once you understand all the moving around. On the needles I have the cuffs and one row of the leg of some lounge socks in Cascade 220 (these are mostly just practice socks). Antje is very nice and signed our books. I'm not sure which method I prefer more (circs or dpns) as both have upsides and downsides. I think I will just use both and have several socks otn at once!

While at CoC I also bought some yarn (obviously! I can't go there without getting something!) and needles (circs size 2 and 5, 16" and 24" in each and size 1 dpns).

Here is the Cascade 220 and the cuffs (and 1 round of the leg) of the around the house socks I'm working on. The yarn is in the Heathers collection and is a nice turquoisey blue. These socks will just be simple stockinette.

Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet. I have 2 skeins of it. Very soft and very pretty! And, the best part, the PRICE. Only 6.00 per skein. Can't beat that for the quality.

More Araucania! Solids in a very nice lavender color. Not sure what pattern to use for it... I was thinking maybe Sydney. We'll have to see.

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Zoo Girl said...

Wow!! That log cabin stuff looks GREAT!! (Yes, I'm VERY behind in blog reading...) Can't wait to see what it looks like plied!