Friday, February 22, 2008

Stitch Markers

Shawn and I went to Cumming, Ga, today to celebrate the weekend and 2 Korean exams we did well in this morning. CiCi's to eat (he gets to eat free... they have a great military discount!) and then too Best Buy to use up the 30.00 Reward Bucks my mom gave us. We wanted to get something for our future house, but nothing is under 30.00. So, the next best thing: Season One of Mind of Mencia. We love him. Also got a 15.00 gift card to iTunes. I had to pay 7.00 extra for it.

We couldn't leave Cumming without going to Michael's! Shawn and I looked at beads. I got some fake pearls to use play around with. Tuesday we went to Only Ewe and Cotton Too in Alpharetta. It was a wonderful store and I found the yarn for my Clapotis wedding wrap (Silky Wool)! I'll be using it with a strand of a sparkly string stuff that I'll be threading the pearls on. Real pearls don't have a large enough hole, but the fake ones do and look like real ones. And they're cheaper. Here is the Silky Wool:

The flash washed the color out some. It's actually a darker red. Very pretty. Shawn wasn't so sure about it at first, saying it wasn't "shiny enough." He wanted pure silk, but the color just isn't right because it doesn't take deep colors well. Once the store wound it into a ball he started changing his mind. It's funny how different yarn can look in the skein versus the ball. Only Ewe has another store within it, The Bead Bug.... it's a lovely bead store (I'm a beader also, so it's perfect!). I got a cute silver bunny charm and some silver head pins.

I also got some green star-shaped stone beads at Michaels. I used some to make St. Patrick's Day stitch markers to be included in the washcloth swap I'm in. I used the stone beads, Swarovski crystal and pearls, Czech glass, and sterling silver.

Here is the stitch marker I made for myself:

This is sterling silver and Swarovski pearl.

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