Monday, February 25, 2008


The cotton yarn finally dried.

This was done in Kelly Green. I tied it up to leave some white/lighter places. The flash washed it out a little bit... it's actually a more vibrant green color with lighter areas throughout. Very pretty! I'm calling it Lucky You. It will be used for my swap.

This is Ocea. The picture actually shows the true color pretty well. Again, I tied it off to leave some variation in color. This skein is available for 3.50 plus shipping. It is a little over 100 yards.

Planet. The colors show pretty well. I really like how this one came out. This skein is available for 3.50 plus shipping and is a little over 100 yards.

I just couldn't get the colors to show up well in the pictures on Acid. It is actually green, blue, pearl grey, and brown. The colors are lighter, but not nearly as light and washed out as the picture show. This will also be used for the swap.

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Anonymous said...

What type of yarn is the Ocea and Planet? Great job!