Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Contest Winners!

We have winners! I added a third winner to get some stitch markers.

Blogless In NJ is the grand prize winner! Roving and stitch markers for you!

Christy B is getting 8 stitch markers!

Emily is getting 8 stitch markers as well!

I will be contacting you guys (or contact me if you left no contact in the comment) and will be getting the stuff out soon!

Thanks everyone for entering the contest! It was fun... I may have to have contests more often!

Now, for what we did for St. Patty's Day... it is Spring Break for Shawn and me. We are at my house right now and yesterday was pretty uneventful. We took Moma out to Chinese for lunch (Daddy was napping) and drove around Zebulon looking for a place with free wi-fi. Of course, the places I knew that had it had closed down. So no luck there. Then we rented movies from Movie Gallery (Dan in Real Life... loved it. Hitman... very good. No Country for Old Men... not so much). Shawn and I rode horses and then I trimmed Acorn's feet (Winchester and Rowdy were trimmed Sunday). Then we spent the night watching movies. Not very St. Patty's Dayish, huh? I did wear green, though no one else did! Shawn says he should wear orange since his family is Protestant Irish. Whatever, he still got pinched!


Emily said...

Hooray! Thank you for adding a 3rd winner. :)

blogless in NJ said...

And thanks so very much for offering to spin the gorgeous fiber!

Turtle said...

Congrats to the winners!