Monday, March 10, 2008

FOs and ramblings

I finished the Mochi mouse (who looks much better now), the Everlasting Bagstopper (just needs handles), and both washcloths for the swap. And I got my SP's package sent today, along with the mouse to my brother and the cloths to my swap girl. But not pics of any of it! I was in such a rush to get them sent out I forgot to get photos. Arty will send me pictures of the snake and mouse and is going to make a film using them (he makes those films where it's a bunch of pictures put together. I think it's called a stop film or something like that). I'll get a pic of the bag once I get the straps put on, hopefully today.

We had an exam this morning. Ugh. It was in Intro to World Religions. Not a bad class and not a bad prof, but the tests are a little difficult. 25 multiple choice and an essay. Multiple choice is easy, you say? Well, he makes sure to toughen it up. A lot of tricky ones that will make you second guess yourself or be torn between 2 or 3 of the choices. The essay wasn't too bad. I much prefer an essay exam to a short answer one. I can get myself through an essay and spit out an impressive one, but short answer... either you know it or you don't. I may or may not be posting the grade on this one...

I am loving the comments! Interesting stories! I bought more stuff for stitch markers this weekend.

I was working on the Side Step Socks, but realized that they are too big for me. So, I frogged both Saturday and am now almost finished with the leg on the first one. I'm having to use dpns since I don't have US 1 circs. But I do enjoy dpns... probably more than the 2 circs, but it's just so much slower to finish a whole pair. I should have the first one finished by Sunday and would have made a dent into the second one. Shawn bought me some great shoes last week. They have a little heel and show off socks well. I love them.

Shawn's brother is getting married in a little less than 2 weeks (Saturday after this). My future sister in law, Haley, is having her bachelorette party the Thursday before and her bridal shower the next day (the day before the wedding). Of course, I'm going to both. I need to find a gift, though. I don't know anything about all this wedding stuff and what you're supposed to do. Is there a gift for the bachelorette party, the shower, and the wedding? If so, I will just have to pick one of those to bring a gift to. I'm poor. My old best friend is having her bridal shower this coming Sunday. Moma and I are going. Not sure what to get for her either. I'm a little nervous about going as I will be seeing a lot of people I used to know. I'm so antisocial. I hate seeing people I used to know. Moma is the same way.

Shawn's youngest sister, Jessi, is going to be my maid of honor. We've been doing some pre-planning on the wedding and have some great ideas. I can't wait. Oh, and the Blue Skies Alpaca is IT! Yay! Shawn loved it. It's perfect. AND.... I got the pearls for it this weekend! They're fake, but look nice and have a big fat hole in them so I can string them onto the yarn. Michaels, on sale for like 2.50 for 300. I just need to get the right needles and I'll be starting on it soon!

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Zoo Girl said...

And yes, I'm still working on getting your package it gets delayed more and more I might just make it one after all...haven't decided yet... but hopefully I'll get it together and get it out sometime very soon!!

My apartment reorg is looking AWESOME though!