Monday, March 24, 2008

My March package!

Zoo Girl has been so good to me! I've been thoroughly spoiled off her wonderful packages!!! Here's what I found in the mailbox today...

The Mason-Dixon Knitting book, some purple bunny Peeps (yummy), 2 balls of Sugar n Creme, 1 hank of Euroflax in mustard, a handknit cloth that doubles as a bag with handmade soap in it (goats milk in white tea and ginger... heavenly!), a cute knitting-themed card, and some of my SP's own handspun sock yarn! Beautiful colorway and so skillfully spun! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you SO MUCH, Zoo Girl! I've been going through the book to decide which patterns I'll be using with the cotton and linen yarn!


Zoo Girl said...

Hooray!! My favs for the linen are the hand-towel patterns. So gorgeous, and while I haven't knit one myself yet, they soften up amazingly in the linen when washed once or twice!

I was so dissappointed Thursday when I read that you were home for the weekend...I've been waiting impatiently all weekend! :)

ali said...

Wow, let's hear it for yarny goodness in the mail! You've been randomly chosen (thanks to the winner of the spring knitting goals contest!

Let me know what color dyed cotton you'd like and I'll get it picked up, packed, and in the mail.

Woohoo! and congrats!

Can't wait to see what you knit with it all-

You can reply at my blog or you can e-mail me at ali@skeinsherwayDOTcom

ali said...

Oh yeah- an address would be helpful!


ali said...

I still haven't heard from you-
I'll give you until next Tuesday to respond, either at my blog, or via e-mail... that will be one week from the time I notified you of winning. If I don't hear from you by then, I may have to pick a different winner- but I don't want to have to do that! All I need from you is your color choice and an address!

Hope to hear from you!
Happy knitting-