Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some FOs and wedding stuff

Snicket Socks! I gave up on the cursed JaWoll for now. I just need to pick it up later and maybe then it will become something, even if it's not socks. These are being made from Araucania Ranco Solids in a nice lavender color. The cuffs are long, but the pattern is nice. I was doing 2 on 2 circs, but the beginning of the round keeps changing in this pattern, so I'm now working on dpns, but at the same time. I do a round in each sock before moving on to another round. I'm now one repeat into the legs.

Here is a new pattern I designed. Fingerless mitts. Shawn named the pattern 'The Timiae Special.' Strange, but I like it anyway. This is from the Bumblebee Fields I spun up. You can kind of see in the top picture the neat cabling on it.

Now for the wedding stuff!

Shawn's brother (Cory, he's 3 months younger than me) got married today! Haylee, his wife, is very sweet and I'm glad she's my sister-in-law (well, almost, but it's too complicated to say my fiance's brother's wife!). She does have an irrational fear of birds, though. It was a nice, simple wedding. A lot of work beforehand, though! But I'm looking forward to my own wedding.

We have our wedding date! May 7, 2010. A bit aways, but plenty of time for planning and saving money. I will be graduating in May 2009 and Shawn will be in May 2010 or that summer. The 7th was my grandfather's birthday and he and my grandmother's wedding date. It is also the day before my birthday. And it's a Friday, the day I want to get married. Everyone gets married on Saturday and I don't want that. It's just too common. And, I want the full weekend to spend at the beginning of our honeymoon. Speaking of which, we have somewhat honeymoon plans. We are getting a cabin somewhere, probably upstate New York or Virginia and are spending the week there. No plans. Just going to do whatever we like. Somewhere in the woods, but close enough to a town with things to do.

Enough rambling for now. I just have weddings on my mind :-)

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