Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Knitting Goals

Skeins Her Way is having a contest on Spring knitting goals. Here are mine:

-Knit at least 2 pairs of socks a month. Not really just a spring goal, but something that I'm working on for spring!

-Knit up the Flickering Flames wrap. I have the yarn, just need to modify the scarf pattern into a wrap and make it.

-Spin all the fiber I have! It's really not much, maybe 12 ounces.

-Card all the locks! That's kind of a chore. Not that it's really all that much that I have, maybe around a pound, but washing is a pain and waiting for it to dry is the worst. I have no patience.

-At least get started on, if not finish, a new felted messenger bag for me using the Patons Classic Merino Shawn's parents got me for Christmas. It will have a dinosaur on it.

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