Friday, March 28, 2008

The Timiae Special

This was made to snugly fit my small hands. My wrist circumference is a little less than 6 inches. This pattern is very easily modified to fit a range of hand sizes and can be changed to add pattern, colorwork, or whatever your heart desires! The pattern is in a multiple of 4.


DK weight yarn of your choice, one skein/ball is enough (not much used for this project).
US 2 dpns, 4 of them
Cable needle
Small amount of waste yarn

Cable Round: *Put 2 stitches on cn, hold to back. K1, K2 from cn, P1* repeat between the * to end of rnd

Cast on 48 stitches, join round (Careful! Don't twist!).
Rnds 1-4: Work 2x2 ribbing
Rnd 5: Cable round
Rnd 6-11: *K3, P1* repeat between * to end of rnd
Rnd 12: Cable round
Rnd 13-19: *K3, P1*
Rnd 20: Cable round
Rnd 21-45: *K3, P1*
Rnd 46: Using waste yarn, K7. Slip those 7 st to left needle, K7 again (knitting those same stitches again), continue in K3, P1 rib
Rnd 47-52: *K3, P1*
Rnd 53: Cable Round
Rnd 54-56: *K3, P1*
Bind off

Carefully remove waste yarn and put live stitches on needles (7 on lower needle, 6 on upper needle). Bind off 7 lower stitches, pick up 2 st and bind off, bind off 6 upper stitches, pick up 2 st and bind off.

Weave in all ends. And there you have it.

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Raquel said...

It took me some time to find you LOL. I love The Timiae Special. They shall be knit.