Monday, April 14, 2008

Chicken Wire Socks & Bowtie Butterflies

I finally finished sock number one of the Snickets Socks. I'm calling them my Chicken Wire Socks because that's what it looks like! I love them. The pattern is so neat... I'm a farm girl, remember? I love my chickens, so these are right on for my liking:

Aren't they neat? So pretty and I love the yarn also. Not superwash, but I'm more comfortable handwashing my handknits anyway. I am up to the heel flap on the second sock and will be working away on those.

I started a new pair of socks Saturday... Flutter-by. I'm calling them my Bowtie Butterfly Socks. The yarn (which I love, by the way) is Plymouth Happy Feet... I love the color, but it's a bit dark for this pattern. It doesn't look too much like butterlies. More like bowties. Or, I guess they could be moths. The pattern is wonderful and just what I look for in a sock pattern... quick and easy to remember. The yarn is so so so nice. Very shiny, soft, and great to work with. I'll definitely be getting more! It's very affordable, also.

Still working on my Andes Bag. I am about halfway through the bottom triangles on the entrelac part. A great pattern that I recommend to anyone looking for something fun and quick!

Tomorrow is Honors Day, so there are no day classes (haha all you night class people!). Shawn and I are meeting up for breakfast and then are picking up a friend to go to Gainesville where we'll be meeting her husband for lunch. The guy is actually who we met through (a mutual friend) and he'll be graduating/commissioning this May, so we'll probably never see him again after this semester. We're treating he and his wife to lunch (Mexican... yum!). After that I have to get allergy shots and then we're heading to Dawsonville to get the Santa Fe's tires rotated/balanced and to go to the bike (as in motorcycle) store to look at helmets. Shawn is getting a new bike this summer (gas prices too high for a car right now), so he's all excited and is looking around at equipment for it. I actually bought a jacket a few weeks ago... a tiny stain on one shoulder make it half price! A steal at 75.00. It's pink and white. I like it.


Kathy said...

Okay chicken socks are amazing. What a great pattern and you knit them up beautifully.

THanks for entering my Friendly contest
kathy b

Ilix said...

Thanks for showing off those chicken wire socks, I was wondering if they would look like that.