Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter Yarn! and Snickets

I dyed dyed dyed yesterday afternoon. 3 skeins of cotton (what was left on my cone, 300 yards exactly!) for dishcloth swaps...

Here are all 3 skeins drying. 'Meditation' (yellow), 'Coral' (pinkish), and 'Violets' (purple). Here is Violets up close:

I used only purple tablets, but half ended up purple and half ended up blue! I let it set in there for a good while and I was able to get the color a little more even, with it purpley with bluish throughout. There is still a definite purple half and blue half, but I love it anyway! I double checked to make sure it was all purple tablets and it was. This will be used for my flower dishcloth swap on Swap-Bot (a cute design with flowers growing out of the ground).

The Meditation is going to be used for my swap partner I have now. She loves yoga and I'm making a cloth with the Om symbol on it. I thought yellow would be the most appropriate color, as it is the color of Buddhist monks!

The Coral skein is going for the flower cloth swap. I was able to find a pretty rose pattern. The color is a little more shocking than I thought it would be, but it's gorgeous nonetheless.

Here's a current pic of the Snickets socks. I gave up on using the pattern... it's very wrong! It's easy enough to figure out what comes next, so I'm going at it patternless. My first repeat was using the pattern and you can see what happened. The other repeats are without the pattern and it looks so much better! I really like these socks and they are going to fit perfectly.

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