Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happiness & A Contest...

Pursuit of Fiber is having a contest in celebration of her birthday... it's on what makes you happy! Head over there and enter and tell her I sent you! You have until May 3rd!

Here is a little of what makes me happy...

Black Jack. Someone dumped her in my yard when I was 9. She and I are best buddies. She would wait for me at the end of the driveway to get off the bus every afternoon and if I didn't (went to a friend's house, etc), she would pout and refuse to eat until I came home. She's my baby girl. She is about 16 years old now and still going strong. She makes me happy.

Gideon! He's my Daschund/Chihuahua mix boy. I got him from the pound April 1, 2002. My brother says he's my April Fool's Day joke... haha, not funny. I love him. He's a pretty laid back guy and is such a cutie. He makes me happy.

Grand Champion Crazzy H's Outlaw. He's my baby. Born in my rabbitry March 14, 2001. He was my first homebred purebred Netherland Dwarf, my first homebred show quality rabbit, and my second Grand Champion rabbit (his son, Crazzy H's Bazooka Joe, was my first). He's had a bunch of babies and many went on to be loving pets and wonderful show rabbits. Outlaw makes me happy.
Horses! I love my horses. I got my first one when I was 11. She was too much horse for a beginner, but I think I'm a better rider for it. Pictured here are Rowdy (Quarter Horse gelding at the fence on the left; Acorn's father), Moses (mule colt at the fence on the right), Fame (grade mare, head sticking out of Rowdy's side on the left; she is Moses' mother), Winchester (Arabian/Spotted Saddle Horse mare, head sticking out over Rowdy's hindquarters; Acorn's mother), and Acorn (half Quarter Horse, half Arab/SSH mare, trying to nose her way between Rowdy and Moses). We still have and will always have Rowdy, Winchester, and Acorn. Fame now lives at the neighbor's across the street and Moses is a loving pet for a nice old farmer a county over. The horses definitely make me happy.
This is a three-in-one happiness picture... Standard Poodles, breeding animals, and puppies! This is Black Beautiful Bonnie (Bonnie for short), one of our female Standard Poodles. She's such a sweet female. She had these puppies April 19th... A large litter of nine! I love Standard Poodles. I love breeding animals (dogs, horses, goats, rabbits, mice, rats, etc.). I love puppies. But, who doesn't? All these things make me happy.

Shawn! My wonderful fiance makes me happy. This is us not too long after we got engaged (which was July 5, 2007). He's such an amazing person... smart, motivated, a soldier, holds similar views as me (politically, etc), and is strong and true to his beliefs, promises, etc. Shawn really is the perfect person for me and I can't wait to finally get married. I can't describe how happy Shawn makes me.
Knitting! Of course it makes me happy! This is a picture of a random piece of knitting (the Mochi snake and mouse for my brother's birthday back in March). Yes, that is my engagement ring being used as a stitch marker. It was all I had available at the time and nothing can stop my knitting! It was car knitting and I put it down only after having my ring fall between the center console and the seat and a lot of stressing, digging, and contorting my hand into ways I didn't think possible to get the ring back safely on my finger (where it should have stayed to begin with, I know). Knitting makes me so happy.

This is a small list of things that make me the happiest. Other things include: animals in general (particularly dogs, horses, rabbits, rats/mice, alligators, and hippos), my family (Ok, they actually make me really happy and should be pictured, but I don't have a good one for the blog), reading, spinning, weaving, gardening, and farm life (one of my top sources of happiness).

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