Saturday, April 26, 2008

I won a contest!

I was one of the winners in Having A Hissyknit's contest on the strange and unusual! Not sure what I'll be getting other than it's yarn (yay!).

I finally finished my Chicken Wire Socks and am now working on Mad Color Weave with the Happy Feet. I really like the pattern and the yarn is perfect for it.

Here are the cloths I sent to my partner in my Flower Dishcloth Swap (swap-bot):

This was supposed to be knit in the round, but I found a modification online for it to be knitted flat and seamed. I love this cloth! It's sooo cute and was great for helping to bust into my scraps on handdyed cotton. This knit up so quickly and was really fun. The seaming wasn't bad at all (only one... the petals are kept with live stitches and the center is knit picking those up).

The Mother's Day Rose Cloth. This was a fun knit as well and the pattern is gorgeous. The designer really has talent. I didn't do the seed stitch border, but did garter stitch instead (less tedious). I knit it up on US 4 needles and not the 5 the pattern calls for (I couldn't find mine).

I hope my partner likes them!

Other knitting news... I'm still working on the Andes Bag. I haven't been so good about working on it. I'm almost finished with the bottom part and will begin the base soon. I'll post pics once I'm finished with the knitting and another pic after it's been felted. I've become obsessed with bag knitting and am adding bags to my queue on Ravelry everyday.

I've cast on for a scarf using Party (a shiny ribbon yarn) in Oranges-Cherries (can you guess what colors?). It's the Easy Drop Stitch Scarf pattern. It's a great pattern, but this is the tackiest thing I've knitted. Hands down. It's the yarn, 100%... how classy can you get with orange and red shiny ribbon yarn knit on size 10 needles? This is definitely going to my 10 year old cousin as a gift. I have some of the same yarn in Celery and that will go to her 8 year old sister. Cute scarf, but best suited for a younger, hipper girl! I'll get pics up soon.

Finals are just about over. I have my last one at 1030 today (Criminal Procedures). Not too worried over it.

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