Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More dyeing fun...

I had a lot of free time today, so I spent it dyeing. I dug through the stash and was able to come up with 3 balls of wool suitable for dyeing... the Cascade 220 I had tea-dyed (2 balls) and the leftover Patons Classic Merino in Natural Mix (from my Twiggy Tweed bag). I have a lot more of the Patons in that colorway, but am saving it for my felted messenger bag (in queue... as soon as I finish the Andes Bag and get it designed!). I also dyed up 2 100 yard skeins of cotton. I'm still learning about all this dyeing stuff... I ended up steaming the wool after it dyed and I was very happy with the colors and lack of bleeding when rinsing. The cotton, on the other hand, turned out much worse than when I did it the other day.
This was dyed using Paas Easter egg dyes (purple, teal, and denim). I call it Lagoon. It turned out close to the way I wanted. This was the tea-dyed Cascade 220.

I love this! It's Sunset. More of the Cascade 220 that was tea-dyed. This is exactly what I wanted... I used yellow, orange, and red tablets.

This is Rose Garden. It was the Natural Mix Patons. Not quite what I had in mind, but it's Ok. Not my favorite, though. I was running low on the red (leftover from Sunset, I didn't want to use another tablet for it), so it's not as deep as I wanted. But I do like it while not like at the same time.

Cotton.... I had mixed the leftover yellow and orange dyes from Sunset and let some cotton soak for a long time. I even let it steam for at least 30 minutes (not sure if it would work... it didn't). Just about all of it rinsed out. All that's left is a slight peachy color. I'm calling it Barely Peach. Pretty, but too light for my liking. It's more peach than what the picture shows.

And this is my favorite cotton I've dyed so far...

I had tried using the leftover green from Rose Garden and it all rinsed out. Completely. I searched for some of the leftover Rit from a few months ago. Couldn't find it. So I raided the kitchen. I had a little pure cranberry juice left (healthy for you, but golly, it's tough to down). Diluted it in water and added the cotton. I love the results! The pic doesn't show the true color well... it's actually a little more lively.

Still working on Snickets. I'm about halfway through the foot on one and am ready to do the heel flap on the other. The Andes Bag is coming along great! I have 3 rectangles to go on the entrelac part, then it's the bottom triangles and the bottom half and base of the bag. Then felting. I'm a little nervous about it, but it should go well (I'm afraid of color bleeding into the white and of the felting skewing it up).

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Pretty socks and yarn!

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