Monday, April 7, 2008

More updates and Squishy

This was a great weekend for me. Shawn was over, working on his paper (he had a 10-pager due today in Intro to Law Enforcement on the use of force). I knit. Friday I finished the Om cloth, Saturday I worked away at Snickets, and yesterday I worked on my Andes Bag. I need more weekend with nothing to do! This coming weekend I'll be at Shawn's (he has drill) and should be able to get some good knitting done then.

Here's the Om cloth (in Meditation):

I do realize that it's upside down. I wasn't thinking when I took the pic and am too lazy to edit. But there you go.

And an update on Snickets... I have stopped knitting on both socks and am just going at it one-at-a-time now. It's a pain to keep going back and forth with them.

Here's my latest WIP:

The Entrelac Tote (by Melanie Smith) from Knit Picks. Remember, the surprise from my SP? I started on it yesterday and I love it! It's a fun knit and isn't difficult. Two things I really enjoy... entrelac and bags. Yes, entrelac can get to be a pain, but it's still fun in small doses. I love the colorwork on this (I call it my Andes Bag)... I have always tried to avoid colorwork of any type (I know, it's not hard) and this is making me come to love it.

As for Squishy... He got a bath yesterday. He used to get them pretty regularly (maybe every other month), but he hasn't had one in about a year. He gets really dirty, too... So, I put him in the tub while I was getting everything together, thinking he would be safe there. I come back in to find him jumping over and over, trying to get on the edge of the tub. He would get his front end up, but there's nothing to grab a hold of, so sliding down he went. Over and over and over. He's a persistent thing, that's for sure. Then came the dreaded bath. I always put him on a towel and use a soft toothbrush to scrub the shampoo in (this time it was Head & Shoulders), then I rinse him in the sink. Oh my gosh, you'd think I was murdering him. He takes the scrubbing fine, but putting him in the water... he started screaming. Not just the normal annoyed squeak, but a all-out scream. It was over soon enough and he got a muffin for being a good boy.... or, so that he wouldn't hate his moma.

Here are some pics of my handsome:

That's an empty cone from Peaches & Creme... he chewed some of the bottom, but mainly uses it to stick his head in when he sleeps. It's so cute!

Doing what he does best... begging for food.

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Madame said...

I just received the Om dishcloth and I *LOVE* it. Thank you!!