Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some updates

I'm addicted to Swap-Bot. I've done one dishcloth swap and it was great! I'm now signed up for another and have one cloth finished. I'll be dyeing the yarn for the second cloth tonight.

Which brings me to the Easter egg dyes I got! I had a lot of fun with my other dyeing (the limited amount that I've done) and was eager to do more. Walmart has all their Easter stuff at 75% off right now... I got 18 boxes of Easter egg dyeing kits for 4.04. Can't beat that! 4 boxes of the Paas with 9 colors and 14 boxes of the offbrand with 6 colors.

Here's the cloth I finished for the swap (in my handdyed Ocea):

The picture doesn't show the vibrancy of color well, unfortunately.

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Emily said...

Swap-bot can be VERY addicting. I've been on a "swap-bot diet" since late last year. Enjoy it though!