Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Andes Bag Is Finished!

Yay! I finished this on the 4th (Sunday). I put it in the wash and then forgot about it. By the time I remembered it had gone through the entire cycle, at some point having come out of the pillow case (it got untied). But it's perfect! There isn't bleeding of colors (the pic kind of looks like it, but it isn't) and it felted so evenly. I love it so much! It's my new knitting bag (my old one is for queued stuff and this one is for current WIPs).

I am going pretty good on the Mad Color Weave socks, working on the heel flap of the first sock. I really like the pattern. It's simple to remember and do, but does require attention and I'm not getting bored with it.
The tackiest scarf ever is still in the works. I hate working on it, but need to finish up. I'm sick of looking at the yarn and want it gone.

I think I'll cast on for a new bag today or tomorrow. Will have to go through the queue to see which.

Oh, Shawn and I did very well at school this past semester! We both got good grades and both our gpas improved.

That's about it for now. I'll leave you with this:

This is one of Bonnie's babies. She was born April 19th and is an apricot Standard Poodle. Cute girl, huh?

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Christy said...

Oh, that baby is tooooo cute. I just want to take her home with me.

Nice bag. What beautiful colors!