Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally 21 and a Job Interview!

So, my birthday was yesterday. I'm now 21 years old.

It was a pretty good day... I got up early and Shawn and I went to pay my car tag sticker thing. Well, Shawn paid for it. I'm poor right now. Then we ran a few errands for my mom. Back at home, we fed the animals and then Shawn's mom and youngest sister (Jessi) came over. We ate (vegetarian hamburgers, pasta salad, and tator tots). Then the cake... Shawn had made me a cake (I didn't know what kind or anything, just that he was making me one) and I made me an ice cream cake (ice cream sandwiches and cool whip). I liked Shawn's cake better... it was french vanilla cake with whipped vanilla icing, gel icing that said 'Happy 21st Birthday Timiae' and he drew balloons on it, and sprinkles. I loved it! Very professional looking also. I really liked the gel icing and sprinkles. Just before meeting me he made a girl he liked a birthday cake with "gemmies" on it (that's Yankee for sprinkles). She didn't appreciate the cake, didn't eat it, and left it out on the table for a week untouched so it went bad (I don't like her... how can she be mean to my baby?). So I definitely wanted "gemmies" on my cake!

Shawn went home with his family yesterday. I'll probably see him sometime in June. He's getting his motorcycle at the end of this month (if everything goes as planned). He'll be working with his Nat'l Guard unit all summer.

I had a job interview this morning and I got it!!! I'm doing a retail management internship this summer with Walgreens. My interview couldn't have gone better and they offered me the job right there. It's a paid internship and it's good money (very welcomed!). I start the 28th.

Knitting news...

I made one baby bootie using leftover yarn from my Monkey socks (fair isle Sockotta). It's the Saartje pattern. Too cute!!! I love it. The other will be made sometime this weekend.

I am working on the Mossy Jacket (baby jacket by f. pea). I'm using the Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton I won in the Skeins Her Way contest. It's just precious and such a quick and fun knit.

Bad news on the Mad Color Weave socks... they are too small for me! So, they will be gifted to someone who can wear them (a child, I guess, as I don't know anyone my age with a smaller foot (I'm a 6.5 shoe size)). Or I'll save them for when I have young'ns of my own one day.

The tacky scarf is still going along, though I haven't really given it much attention this week.

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Christy said...

Congrats on the job! Maybe I'll throw the kids in the car and we'll visit you.