Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some Updates

Socks kill me. I love to knit socks, but can't ever seem to get a pair finished. I've knit exactly 4 pairs of socks. I've started to knit around 20 pairs. I can't get the size right most of the time. I ended up frogging the Mad Color Weave socks. Not motivated enough to finish them if there isn't a specific recipient. So I started on a pair out of the Knitting Circles Around Socks (Antje Gillingham). Cast on 60 stitches and use size 1, 2, or 3 needles for size differences. I figure I'm a medium, so I use size 2 (and it's the only size circs I have for sock knitting). I get a few inches in and they seem to be big. I know that looks can be deceiving with the 2 circs (my socks tend to look larger than they are), but I tried them on and they do seem pretty big. Should I keep going? Or start over, casting on fewer stitches? Or give up on the pattern and move on to something different? Knit a gauge swatch, you say? Never.

I'm thinking of casting on for another pair of Monkey, using the handspun from my upstream in Knitty's SP10 round. We'll see.

Here is the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf in my handspun (Hebride's Overture, merino). I really like how it's coming out. I'm making it for my dad's birthday, which was May 14th (he got a half-finished scarf and a promise to finish it).

This is the tackiest scarf in the world I haven't been working on. The pic makes it look a lot worse than it is, but it's still pretty bad. I think my cousin will like it, though.

The Mossy Jacket for the kids-to-be. Since this pic I've finished the sleeves. I just have to do the button band and other trimming, but need to get to a yarn store first. I'm going to do it in a creamy color. I bought orange buttons for it. I LOVE this!!! So much fun, easy, and so quick.

Another something for the kids-to-be. A bootie (Saartje's Baby Booties) using leftover Sockotta from my Monkey socks. This was also a cute and fun knit. I need to get other one of knit up, though.

Some of my dyeing from this weekend:

This is Cotton Candy. Cotton yarn, about 100 yards. This is a pic of it drying... it doesn't really show the colors. Light blue and purpley-pink.

Cloud Watching, cotton, ~100 yards. I really like how this came out.

Really Teal, cotton, ~100 yards. A basic deep teal color.

Mostly Mauve, merino (1 skein of Patons Classic Merino in Natural Mix). This is a neat purpley mauve color with some of the original color showing through in places. The Cotton Candy was dyed with the exact same batch this one was... pretty interesting to see how the different fibers take dye.

Here's my latest spinning project. It's the South African Fine in Romance from Sereknity (from Christmas). I spun it up in a nice DK weight singles. This is a picture of it drying.

I've decided to take from many others' blogs and do a picture-a-day thing. These pics are just from around the house or from what I see during the day. These two are from the garden (where most of the pics will probably be coming from for a while... everything's in bloom!):

The chicken lantern that hangs near the pond.

This is a flower near the entrance of the garden. It has petals on one half only.

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