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Summer of Yarn Love Swap Questions

Do you knit or crochet? How long have you been at your craft?
I knit and have been at it seriously since fall 2007. I can crochet a little, but just the basics. I am definitely a knitter and not a crocheter.

Do you spin? What type of spinning?
Yes! I've been spinning since I was 16 (5 years now). I have an Ashford Traditional and love it. I love spinning my own yarn for projects... it just makes it really special. I also have a drum carder, but haven't had the chance to really do much with it yet.

What are your favorite yarns/fibers? What are your least favorite yarns/fibers?
Favorites: Specific Yarns: Plymouth Happy Feet, just about anything Araucania or Blue Sky Alpacas, Euroflax, Hempathy, Patons Classic Merino, Cascade 220 (superwash and non)
Non-Specific Yarns: worsted and DK wool yarn (superwash and non), sock yarns (superwash or non), cotton yarns (dishcloth and garment), blends of different fibers, alpaca, other people's handspun (really there isn't too much that I don't like!)
Fibers (for spinning): wool, angora, alpaca, llama

Dislikes: Yarn - though I love all yarn, I wouldn't really want to get something like Red Heart or other cheap acrylics in a secret pal swap, I also don't care much for novelty yarns or mohair (blended is fine, but not alone)
Fibers (for spinning) - don't have much use for mohair, cotton, or other plant fibers (bamboo is Ok)

What are your favorite colors? What are your least favorite colors?
Favorites: olive green and turquoise or my favorites. I also like reds (especially dark reds and ruby), any shade of green, earth tones/fall colors, gold (not as a metal, though), purple (though it's not a lasting favorite, more of a phase color for me right now). I like bright colors for things like socks, cloths, and some accessories, but in general for clothing I keep things more toned down with earth and jewel tones. I like solids, semi-solids, variegateds, and striping... though I tend to like the solids/semi-solids a little more. For spinning I like just about everything other than the below colors, solid and non!

Dislikes: I like all color, though don't much care for baby pink and baby blue (or any pastel, really) by themselves (with other colors it's Ok). No neons/florescents for me (can be Ok if with more subdued colors, like in a print or something).

Are there any yarns/brands that you are dying to work with but never have?
Noro (any!), Tofutsies, Yarn Love, Dream in Color, Rowan, Cotton Fleece, Fleece Artist, Malabrigo (heavier than lace weight), and any neat handdyed and/or handspun yarns. My yarn experience is pretty limited, so I pretty much want to try everything! I would also like to try some 100% silk and bamboo. I've also never worked with any of the tweedy yarns (they're gorgeous!).

I'm usually bad about buying one or two skeins of something with no real project in mind, so never really have enough of anything for larger projects. So, even some of the less expensive stuff is great as long as there's enough of it!

Spinning Fiber-wise... I've always wanted to try out some of Crown Mountain Farms stuff.

What is/are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet?

I love to knit bags (felted and non), socks, and right now I'm big on baby items because they are so quick and cute! I'm saving them for when I have kids one day (a long time from now). I also like knitting stuff for the animals (jackets, blankets, etc) and toys (Mochimochi Land and others).

What are you currently working on? Anything you plan to work on this summer?
WIPs: Mossy Jacket (baby, Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton), Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf (my handspun merino), Easy Drop Stitch Scarf (Party), Saartje's Baby Booties (scraps of Sockotta from Monkey socks), Sweater Bag (Patons Classic Merino Wool), a pair of socks (Happy Feet).

In Queue for this summer: Flutterby socks (Sockotta), No-Purl Monkey socks (handspun merino/tencel), Cables & Bits (for Eunny, acrylic), Booga Bag (probably my hanspun, though not sure yet), some baby items (cotton, wool, etc), Leaf Raglan (Knit Picks CotLin)... like I'll actually finish all this! But, who knows, I might...

What is your favorite FO?
I'm not sure. I really like my Andes Bag (a few posts down). I also like the Mochimochi Land Sleepy Snake & Mischevious Mouse and a current WIP, the Mossy Jacket.

What is your oldest UFO?
That would be my Wisp. I started it and got a good ways in, but can't bring myself to finish it.

Are there any techniques that you want to learn?
Fair Isle. I'm kind of intimidated by it, though I don't think it would be that difficult. Actually, any sort of "real" colorwork.

Are you on Ravlery? What's your ID?
I'm SpinKnitUp there.

Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
Yep, I knit socks. My leg circumference, just above the ankle, is 7.5 inches. Foot length is 7.5 inches from back foot to bottom of big toe. I wear a size 6.5 shoe. I like high socks (not ankle/no-show socks, but not knee socks either) for handknits.

Do you collect anything?
Other than yarn, fiber, and needles?! I love any sort of piggy bank (not necessarily pigs, though I love those!), Breyer horses, trinket boxes (any, but Limoges-style in particular), small animal figurines (especially Wade), anything with hippos/Poodles (standards in particular)/German Shepherds/Boxers/rabbits/mice/rats, and I love stationary stuff (notecards, pens, etc).

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift?
I have a ball winder and my swift is named Shawn (my fiance!). I'm wanting to get a swift sometime or the plans to make one (Shawn would appreciate this more than me, I think! ;-)

Do you love sweets? What are your favorites?
Yes... my favorites are: black licorice, turtles, dark chocolate (though milk is yummy as well! I like chocolate with stuff in it... almonds, toffee, truffle, coffee beans, etc), Butterfinger, Take 5 (yum! One of my top faves). Anything with chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, caramel, coffee... I also really like cinnamon candies, lemon flavored stuff, and anything that combines sweet with salty (like Take 5).

What are your favorite scents?
I like grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lime, and coconut (and coconut-lime!). I like scents that aren't too sweet and fruity, but aren't too fresh either. For things like candles, I like vanilla, pumpkin spice, and the above-listed scents. I'm not too picky, but really don't like sickingly sweet scents (cotton candy-ish), orange, and fresh rain/linen/shower fresh type stuff.

Where do you keep your needles/hooks?
Those in use/will be in use soon are floating around in my knitting bag. Those not in use are kept in a rubbermaid storage container. I really need to get a better system than digging through the box, hoping I find what I need!

Do you have a wishlist (Amazon, Etsy, etc?)
Yes... Amazon can be found at Good used books preferred!
Etsy favorites at

Having a birthday this summer?
Just had my 21st on May 8.

Are you allergic to anything??? Please let your pal know!
Ah, allergies.
No known fiber allergies or allergies to dogs, cats, etc.
Foodwise... oranges of any type, melon of any type, bananas, strawberries (this one is weird. I can't eat a fresh strawberry, but can eat it when it's in something (not fresh)), raw/fresh carrots (can't imagine why someone would send that, though!), peas. I can do grapefruit and flavors of my allergice things are fine as long as none of the actual fruit or oils are in it. Melon is the worst... smelling it makes my throat itch and swell...
Other... all grasses, trees, weeds, dust.
Symptoms are kept under control for the most part with meds and shots, so don't worry that something you're sending may have come into contact with dust or grass, etc, or be worried that something you want to send has some sort of plant tied into it. I won't be affected... just don't roll the stuff around in pollen before sending it! :-)

A little more info that might be helpful...
I'm a college student in north Georgia, majoring in history and minoring in criminal justice. I graduate May 2009. I'm doing an internship this summer with Walgreens for retail management and plan on working as an assistant manager upon graduating. I am engaged to Shawn, who is a helicopter mechanic in the National Guard. He is majoring and minoring in the same subjects as I and will graduate in 2010. He will be commissioning as a 2nd Lt.

I live on a small hobby farm and have horses, dogs, barn cats, goat, pig, chickens, rabbits, fish, lizard, ant farm, and rats. I bred and showed rabbits for several years before college. I also bred show quality rats and mice and other small rodents. We currently breed and train Standard Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers, though have several other pet dogs. I love animals and farm life. Most the animals are mine and my idea.

Hobbies include: spinning, knitting, fiber prep, rigid heddle loom weaving, training dogs, training/working horses, woodburning, cross stitching, soapmaking, and dyeing yarn (really like natural dyeing, though will use stuff like Easter egg dyes, etc).

A few likes: tea (any type, but especially green tea with jasmine and peppermint tea; please refer to allergy info!), coffee, neat "sciencey" things like ant farms, sea monkeys, tadpole kits, etc, cooking (I don't do it much, but it is fun and I like neat cookbooks), reading (just about anything from mystery to Tom Clancy to books that have movies made from them... I've been wanting to read a Jodi Picoult book, but haven't yet), hippos, aligators/crocodiles, dogs (St. Poodle, Boxer, German Shepherd), horses, rabbits, dinosaurs, rats and mice, farm things (tractors, barns, etc)

A few dislikes: animal rights (Animals Don't Have Rights, Only People Do... Support Animal Welfare, Not Rights), ASPCA, PETA, Humane Society, ALF, ELF, etc, stuff relating to witchcraft, gold as a metal (for fabrics, yarns, etc it's Ok), novelty yarns, 100% mohair, spindle spinning (I prefer wheel spinning), scrapbooking (no time, space, or money for it), cat stuff (I like my barn cats, but not really cats as pets, so nothing with cats on it or something like that for me... I must be the only knitter that doesn't like cats :-)

A few wants/needs: needle stopper things (to keep work from sliding off needles in bag), needles (circs & dpns... any material, though bamboo is my favorite), beads with large holes for knitting with, any of those cute animal patterns from FiberTrends, Mochimochi Land patterns (not the sleepy snake one, I have it)

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