Sunday, May 18, 2008

Summer Reading, Swaps

I think I may be in too many swaps this summer! Not really, but I am in quite a few...
Summer of Yarn Love Swap
Secret Pal Twelve
my monthly dishcloth swaps on Swap-Bot
and a few others on Swap-Bot... stitchmarkers, pets, etc.
oh, and the one on Knittyboard that is forming (the idea is there, but nothing definite yet). It's a simple one package swap, kind of like a mini vacation for your downstream (goodies from where you live, a simple knitting project, etc)

No more swaps for me this summer! I'm only able to do this many because I'll be working at my new job (yay!) and will have some extra cash (well, can't really say extra, but enough that I can pay for horse feed, hay, gas, and to put a tiny little bit back while doing these swaps).

A lot of bloggers have their summer reading lists up, so I thought I might do the same. I love reading and used to do it a lot. Since starting college I haven't really read that much. It's not because reading for class leaves little time/turns me off to reading in general... I just haven't really done it. I've decided to get back into reading. I have read halfway through several books in the past four years, but have only finished a few. I'm really bad about reading several books at once, going back and forth between them. I'm not doing that this summer (though I have already a little bit, but I'm stopping as of today).

Here's what's on my list, in order:

The Friday Night Knitting Club (Kate Jacobs) - I'm a few chapters in on this one and it's really good. Moma picked it up for me Friday at the bookstore in town. I'm really enjoying this book. I heard that there's a movie coming out early June with Julia Roberts as Georgia, the main character, which is great as I love her and she's mentioned in the book and she's a knitter in real life...
Atonement (Ian McEwan) - I saw the movie this past semester and it was pretty good. Not the best thing, but I'm sure the book is a lot better. I've started on it and am a few chapters in, but am not picking it up again until I finish the Knit Club book. I like it so far and it's pretty in line with the movie, so we'll see.
Rainbow Six (Tom Clancy) - I've read over half of this, but that was last summer. It's such a good book. I am going to start from the beginning as I can't really remember exactly what's happening where I left off. I love Clancy's stuff.
The Man in the Iron Mask (Alexandre Dumas) - Saw the movie with DiCaprio and liked it enough to get the book. I'm sure it's better than the movie.
The Cardinal in the Kremlin (Tom Clancy) - Another Clancy novel. His stuff is so good. Got this book in the SP10 swap.
The Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis) - Started this one a while back, but didn't get too far into it. I'm sure I'll love it.
The Truth Machine (James Halperin) - I got halfway through about 6 years ago (if not more) and really enjoyed it. I'll be starting it over from the beginning.
The Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien) - I have all the books in one. Another one I've started (a million years ago), but didn't get past the description of the door in the Hobbit. Will start it from the beginning.

And, if by some miracle, I get through all those this summer and need more to read, I'll be working on Seabiscuit (another I've started), The Horse Whisperer (started), more Tom Clancy, and probably some Agatha Christie (easy and interesting reads).

Knitting news... I did frog the socks. I'm now working on a pair that will probably be stockinette stitch (sometimes you just have to go back to the basics to work through your problems) and I'm sure (almost) that these will fit. Cast on 56 st, US 2 circs.

Pictures for you:

A view of the roundpen and part of the front yard. The pen is in the front pasture.

These flowers are climbing the trellis that forms a walkunder at the entrance gate of the garden. Birds often build their nests and raise their young on top of this.

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