Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have realized that I won't have a summer off for a very long time, if ever. Why didn't I enjoy it more when I was younger and summers were all about lazying around, Six Flags season passes, swimming pools, fishing in the cow pond, and horseback riding all day? I guess that's part of growing up, but I hate it!

2006 was the last "off" summer I had. I use quotation marks because I had to work all summer (but it was my vet tech job, which I loved). Not really taking the summer off, but it's more off than it has been lately. I've done 2 summers of classes (all summer long) and this summer I'm doing my internship. Now, I'm very excited and thankful for it (it means, hopefully, a great career and way to afford the lifestyle that Shawn and I want), but it is going to be tough. Long hours and a lot of work. Then I graduate this time next year, putting me working full time. I know I'm just being whiney; everyone has to work and do things they'd rather not be doing for their summers. But I'm just at the point where I'm realizing that this is it. I'm going to make this summer the best that I can. Work hard and spend my free time doing things I enjoy, not just wasting it by sleeping in all the time... I'm going to read, knit, spin, weave, get Acorn fully broke (she's green right now), get Johnny Cash and Twiggy trained up, spend time with Shawn... things that I really want to do.

Anyway, I finished the Snoopy cloth last night and it's so cute! I'm sure my swap partner will love it. That package is going out tomorrow. I'm still working on my socks, almost finished with the legs. I'll cast on for something new tonight, I think. I did manage to get a felted fish dog toy knit up today for a pet swap I'm in. It's really cute, in my handspun Arakis. I'll get some pics up tomorrow.

No pictures for tonight, but I'll post several tomorrow.

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