Monday, May 12, 2008


Below is my questionaire for the Summer of Yarn Love Swap. Signups are NOW, so get over there! It should be a lot of fun.

There are three packages to be sent over 3 months (June, July, and August). There is a 30.00 minimum per package (like-new yarn from your stash can go toward that 30.00 minimum). I can't wait for this swap to start... I love buying goodies for secret pals and I love to get mail (and fibery goodness!).

I'll also be participating in the SP12 swap. There are two groups... a 30.00 group and a 60.00 group. Those are the minimum purchase amounts over the three month period (10.00 a month or 20.00 a month). I'm not sure which group I'll be in yet... the other swap is a bit more expensive. I'll likely do the 60.00 swap anyway, though, as I can't imagine limiting myself to only 10.00 per package. The months for this one are July, August, and September. Signups aren't up yet, but the deadline is the 30th. There are contests involved in this swap.

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