Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Sweater Bag

I love this bag! It's a nice knit... pretty easy, but the cables keep it interesting. I'm holding Patons Classic Merino held double on US 10 circulars. I'm modifying the pattern some. It says to do a total of 4 pattern repeats, but I think only 3 are needed (we'll see when I reach that point). I'm also not finishing it like the pattern says (basically it's sewn up in thirds, making a bag that is double thickness throughout). I'll be sewing it up in thirds, but not seaming the bottom seam, making a second pocket. Also will be doing an i-cord strap instead of going back and seaming it later. This is my first time doing cables without a needle and it's sooo easy! Much less tedious. I shy away from cables (especially after the chicken wire socks) and this is bringing me back to them.

I haven't knit at all on my socks! Sad, isn't it? Just not as much fun as the bag. I'll try to get at least through the heels this week... Though I'm not sure it'll happen. I start my internship tomorrow and it's going to be 44 hour workweeks, with crazy hours (it seems that this is going to be a way to see who can deal with the job, hours, and stress... kind of like basic training for management :-). I'm expected to "be able to work mornings, afternoons, nights, overnights, weekends, and holidays." Don't think I'll have too much knitting time, but I can probably sneak some in on lunch breaks and after work.

Some pictures:

Here is Eunny, one of our Yorkies, wearing a handknit sweater my mom made today. She did a few test sweaters and has finally perfected her pattern. It's a cute turtleneck and fits great.

And here is Black Cat. He's the tom that walked up a few years ago and never left. I love him, but he can be ornery (I just love the grumpiness!I love barn cats. Don't care too much for the pet variety, though). He lost most his tail somehow and had mouth cancer when he came (got that taken care of... thank goodness I worked at the clinic then!). He likes being petted, but also will just give you a quick swat at times for no reason. He will be sitting there and just calmly walk over, swipe his nails across your exposed leg, then just walk off. Keeps us in line :-) He's around 11 years old or so.

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