Monday, May 19, 2008


I made a dishcloth for my swap partner on Swap-Bot last night (for the swap I'm hosting). The theme is cartoons/characters/anime/whatever fits here. I decided to make a Transformers cloth (it's an Autobot) and a Snoopy cloth (will get started on that one tonight.

I really liked this pattern. I usually get bored with cloths (so why do I keep making them? why do I host a monthly swap for 2 cloths?), but this one was really fun. I think because it is symmetrical. I really like symmetry and it made the knitting interesting, but easy. It's knit up in my handdyed Really Teal. I hope my partner likes it. I will be knitting Snoopy in storebought Sugar n Creme yellow yarn (I didn't dye up more solids like I should have). I think as an added gift I'll send a skein of my handdyed to her (I think Cotton Candy).

I get to see Shawn this coming Sunday! Moma and I are meeting him, his mom, and probably his sister at the Carrollton Flea Market. It's supposed to be the biggest one in the southeast, or Georgia, or something like that. I don't care.... I'm just glad to see my sweetie! I haven't seen him since my birthday (Ok, it was only 11 days ago, but I'm used to seeing him daily). Oh, and speaking of 11, does anyone else feel like a certain number follows them? I see 11 EVERYWHERE... I look at the clock and it's something:11 or 11:something. Shawn and I started dating on November 11th (11/11), He's the 11th person on my cell phone's contact list, starting from the bottom (how I call him... press 'up' 11 times). And many more examples I won't bore you with. I kept thinking that maybe I just notice 11 more, but I actually counted it versus all other numbers and I really do run into it more. And back to this Sunday, Moma will be taking Jake (he's going to Oregon the 30th to be a hearing ear dog for a really nice lady) and I will be taking Johnny Cash, my big baby. Jessi, Shawn's sister, will probably bring Raven... all three dogs are from the same litter! A little family reunion of sorts.

Here are some pictures for you...

The usual view of the weaned pen from the garden. It's a half-acre yard in the front yard that touches the garden. We keep Partner, the Lab, and weaned pups here. Also whichever dogs are in training at the time. At the fence is Twiggy (right), Johnny Cash (left, sticking head over fence, looking down), Danny (left of Johhny), Lucy (left and behind Danny, walking toward the fence), and Partner is in the upper left corner.

Some Gerber Daisies in the garden. They are so pretty and are such easy keepers.

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