Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blogging and knitting

I feel like I haven't been a good blogger lately. Yes, I've been posting, but it really hasn't been fiber-oriented. Since I've been at home for summer I haven't really been posting on knitting that much (or really knitting that much, actually). I'll be fixing that soon.

I have some great ideas for my Summer of Yarn Love Swap partner... she's a pretty easy person in terms of likes, dislikes, etc. We seem to have matching taste in a lot of things. I'm planning a big shopping trip to the yarn store in Macon (can't remember the name right now)... I hear it's a great store and they have spinning stuff! No, my partner isn't a spinner... I'm thinking me! This big trip will take place after I get my next check in two weeks (the one this week was small since I just started working (only 2 days pay, but I was more than happy with it, since it means gas for the Santa Fe!)). I'm going to get Moma to go with me since she's never been to a yarn store and has been knitting up a storm herself.

Plans for my knitting future:
-Finish up this Sweater Bag! I love it. Great pattern, etc, but man is it getting boring. It's actually a pretty quick knit and has the cabling which is interesting. I just can't stand the same thing for too long (clothes, bags, friends (unfortunately), guys (fortunately)). No worries, though, Shawn is a lasting thing... I think the only guy in the world that I can stand to be around all the time. Refer to list of past boyfriends ;-)
-Make a few things for my SoYLS partner... not listing what, but I really think that she'll enjoy them. Some are off her Ravelry queue.
-Amanda's Squatty Sidekick from the Patons SWS I got last week. I really think the bag is cute, but will probably mod it a little to make it a tad larger. If the pattern is what everyone says it is, I'll probably make 2 more using the Cascade 220 I dyed with Easter egg dyes a while back.
-Find something to do with the South African Fine (Romance colorway) I spun up a few weeks ago! It's been sitting in my room for weeks. I spun it up into a dk or so weight singles. Really pretty, but can't find something to do with it. I was thinking fingerless mitts, but the color repeats are pretty long and I don't want gloves that are like 2/3 burgunday and 1/3 green. I've been scouring Ravelry, but haven't come across the *perfect* pattern yet. And, it must be *perfect*.


The veggie garden. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, so everything is much larger now. We've been eating from it for quite a while now (tempura green beans, zuccini, and squash for dinner tonight... yum!).

Purple Columbine. Along with Lilies, my favorite flower. So unique and pretty... kind of an understated beauty. I love that.

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