Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knitting Updates

Here's the Secret Pal 12 Question... "What is your favorite summertime beverage?" Ok, not sure if that's word for word, but close enough. Anyway, I don't have a drink that I like just especially for summer. My drink loves are water first, sweet tea second, and then various diet cokes like Sprite Zero, Coke Zero, diet root beer, etc. Lately it's been mostly half sweet tea and half Solomon's Seal tea or just a diet something. I've been wanting to up my water intake.

I am still working on the Sweater Bag! Arghh... with work I haven't been able to get as much knitting done as I'd like. But I'm so so so close to finishing the bag. Then the boring strap. I don't think I'll have enough yarn to finish the strap, so will probably do that ribbing section (the last 12 rounds of the bag) and the strap in a different color. Not sure which color, will have to dig through the stash. I think I brought my 2 skeins of Cascade 220 in a dark heathered blue with me from school. If I did, that's what I'll use.

And the Basketweave Socks... well, let's just say that they are taking a nice nap for a while. I do bring them out to see the light of day every so often, but it's only for a few rounds. It's just boring.

Lots of ideas for future projects. I'm really wanting to get a lot of cute things finished for me to have and wear for the upcoming school year... Rusted Root, Wicked, Leaf Raglan (which I have the yarn for, actually), Amanda's Squatty Sidekick, Booga Bag, Lucy (bag), a felted tote bag, and a few other clothing items (Central Park Hoodie or Mariah, a raglan pullover that's a little big so it's comfy and will go over my regular clothes, a long sleeve version of the Leaf Raglan, a cardi, etc).

I have some great news about where I'll be living next year... I'll be in my same apartment (Owen Hall)! I was going to have to live in Cleve's Crossing, a townhouse that isn't even built yet! And I would have to share a bedroom. Um, not ideal. CC is 50.00 cheaper than Owen, but I think a private bedroom is definitely worth that. And Squishy and Smoochy will get to live with me again (in CC I would have to get roommate approval and who knows how that would go since pets aren't allowed anyway... they might be meanies and tell on me). Speaking of Smoochy... I've picked out which of Squishy's sons I'm keeping! Ok, this is really great... I picked out the name Smoochy before I had even gotten Salty to breed with Squishy. Salty has 14 little ones. They were born the 1st and have fur growing in pretty well now. One little boy is a broken hooded... bareback markings like Squish (white with black head), but also has spotting on his body. A black spot around the base of his tail, which is adorable, and spots on his back... those spots are in the shape of a face!!! 2 eyes, a nose, and big fat lips... a smoocher! Pretty amazing, huh? I'll post pics soon. I'm also going to keep a daughter to live with Salty in the barn (she's used to companionship and needs a buddy).

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