Thursday, June 26, 2008

Right Sized Stash?

This was our question this week for the Secret Pal 12 Swap... What's the perfect sized stash?

Go here for inspiration, jaw-dropping, jealousy, and/or comfort (at least my stash isn't that big...).

I don't think that there is a perfect stash size... it varies with person to person. There are people out there that have virtually no stash because they buy something, knit with it, then buy again, knit again, on and on and on. Then there are those that buy and hoard (ahem, me), waiting for the perfect project to use the yarn.

My stash isn't giganto, but isn't dinky either. I really love all yarn and it waits around until I find the right pattern or use for it. Spinners have to hoard, I think, since we love to make yarn. If I waited to spin something until I had the project in mind, I would never really get around to spinning anything! It's a process in and of itself and the end result is something beautiful, unique, and lovely on its own. It doesn't need to be knitted up to be worth something. That's the way I feel about yarn in general... so, my stash could grow and grow and grow and I'll be happy.

That said, there is a limit. Would I want all the yarn in the world? If I was a millionaire, would I be happy with buying all the yarn I wanted? Nope, not at all. Part of the joy of yarn purchasing/having is the "thrill of the chase." I hate being cliche, but there you go. I love wanting a yarn so badly, dying to try it out, then having to work up to the point of actually getting it. That's a large part of what makes it fun. I don't think I'd want a stash so large that I never felt the need to buy something.

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Christy said...

Just stopping by to let you know that I'm not your Secret Pal this go-round. Hope you're not melting in the heat.