Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals

Skeins Her Way is having another knitting goals contest, this time for summer. I won last time, so who knows, maybe I'll get lucky again! Fabulous prize of a super-cute bag and a kit for a raglan (pattern and yarn... Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Organic Dyed Cotton!). I am now in love with BSA cotton since getting the wonderful prize from the last contest. So, head over there and enter!

Here are my Summer Knitting Goals:

-Finish up the Sweater Bag. This one will be finished up soon. I have one more pattern repeat, the strap, and seaming and it'll be ready to use (if I don't line it).
-Get at least 4 pairs of socks done. The Basketweave Socks (Happy Feet) I'm working on now (about to start the heel flap), another pair of Monkey socks (handspun merino/tencel from my swap partner in Knittyboard's SP10), Pomatomus (not sure on yarn), and Flutterby (Sockotta).
-Knit the Leaf T-shirt. A simple top-down raglan with a lacy leaf design down the front. I got the yarn in from Knit Picks the other day, just need to get the needles and get started on it. This will be my first adult-sized garment.
-Knit a few things for my swap partners.
-Knit or weave (or both!) a new scarf for me for this coming fall/winter. I love Shasta, but need something else and I'm thinking handspun.
-Get ALL my UFOs finished or frogged. Finished will be: Saartje's Baby Booties (just need to get that second one finished) and the Mossy Jacket (need another color of BSA Dyed Cotton to get the button band, etc finished). Frogged will be: Wisp and probably that tacky scarf I was working on for my cousin. Sorry cus'. When I write it out, not really that many UFOs! Go me!
-Knit a few things for this coming semester. It's my final year (yay!) and I want to go out in handmade style (is there anything better?). A few bags (Booga, Squatty Sidekick, to name a few), scarves (already mentioned), cardis, shirts, etc.

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

Last year I was the grand prize winner (won the pattern & the yarn)! from Skeins her Way! (

Which contest did you win?