Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swap Items!

I was in a few swaps on Swap-Bot that ended the 31st and I've received some of my items! Most this time around were sent a little late, but no problems. My partners were very good and sent me a message explaining everything. I have no issues with that, but do with people who don't send a note about it! I'm still waiting on my stitch markers (should be on their way) and there's a swap that ends the 22nd that I'm waiting on as well. It's one where your partner sends a little something that they enjoy doing... their favorite type of book, hobby, craft, etc. I already sent my package (I tend to get them in the mail as soon as my partner is assigned or shortly after)... knitting, of course! My partner is a new knitter, so that made it extra fun. I sent her some of my handmade stitch markers (natural black pearl, sterling silver, pewter), 2 skeins of Berroco Touche, a pattern for a toy elephant, and a ball of Sugar'n Cream Twists. She really liked it all. I wonder what I'll be receiving...

Anyway, here are the dishcloths from the Characters/Cartoons Dishcloth Swap I hosted last month:

Shrek! I actually thought of knitting this up for my partner, but went with Snoopy and Transformers instead. I'm so glad to get this cloth!

Snoopy! The same pattern I made for my partner... and the girl who got it made it for hers! Did everyone make this pattern? This is another that I'm thrilled to get because it means I don't have to make it for myself now!

And Snoopy's buddy Woodstock! Another great pattern and I LOVE it! These cloths are really great and are all patterns that I planned on making for myself. Now I don't have to! My partner was wonderful and sent an extra cloth, so hearts hearts hearts for her!

Then I participated in a Pets Swap... a package that's just for the pets in our lives! Since we all know I have about thirty thousand animals, I let my partner pick between Black Jack, Gideon, Acorn, Squishy, and Johnny Cash. My partner sent a GREAT package to the dogs... And, one of her dogs is named Johnny Cash! How coincidental is that? Anyway, I (well, the dogs) got a lovely note from her dogs and some really great goodies... a baked all-natural peanut butter cookie, a package of cheese Snausages, the cutest hedgehog squeaky toy, and a really wonderful collar charm that says "Pick of the litter." How adorable is that? Here's a pic:

Ok, so the pic's not the greatest. But you get the idea.

The peanut butter cookie was split between Kaiser (the German Shepherd) and Partner (the lab). It was going to be to Black Jack, but she's been having a hard time lately (her 16 years have really caught up to her all of a sudden, sadly) and I thought the softer Snausages would be better. She loved them. The rest of the Snausages went to Gideon, Josie, Eunny, Mike (Meeka), Twiggy, Johnny Cash, Partner, Danny, and Lucy. There were enough for everyone to get at least one, with half of them getting more than that. Nice when it works out like that. The squeaky toy went to Johnny and the others in his "pen" (half acre yard). Partner was being a bully at first, but once the newness wore off Johnny was able to get it back and chew away on it. The charm is going to Johnny. He's the only one of my dogs that wears a collar consistenly enough and he is literally (or, is that litterally?) the pick of the litter... the one we chose to keep for my baby and breeding! Very fitting dog jewelry, I think.

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