Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swap Stuff

I got in two swap packages today, both from Swap-Bot.

The first is from a stitchmarker swap... a set of 5, handmade or bought. My partner lives in Canada, so it took a while for them to get here. She was very communicative and was so nice and sent a great package!!!

These gorgeous stitchmarkers in turquoise stone:

And she's new at making them! How about that? So pretty and well made; I love them! See that last one on the right? It's longer to mark the beginning of the round. Genius.

She also sent me this lovely cake of yarn (70% angora, 10% lambswool, 20% nylon):

Not sure what I'll be making from it, but it will have to be something special! It's 100 meters worth. She also sent me a nice postcard of Vancouver and some embroidery floss.

The second swap was about our favorite things... we send our partner something having to do with what we love, to share our hobbies. My partner was also a fiber artist! Gotta love our craft...

Isn't this the funkiest scarf ever? It's loose fiber with yarn throughout it and is machine sewn in a grid pattern to hold it all together. Very light and airy, but oh-so-soft and warm! She makes these and sells them. I love this! It's not something that I would have purchased for myself, but I love love love it! I really like that it is something out of my norm... I've been trying to get out of the same old colors, things, etc. and this couldn't be more perfect.

She also sent me a nice postcard (she's from New Zealand), a pretty stamp, some olive oil and honey soap, and some pretty letter-themed stickers (perfect for ATCs, coming in a later post).

Wonderful swap experiences all the way around.

I've sent off my first package for the Summer of Yarn Love Swap and will be sending the first one for Secret Pal 12 tomorrow. I'm excited about these and can't wait for my partners to get them! Blogstalking, go.

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