Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sweater Bag, Completed

Finally! I just finished it up.

Mods to the pattern:

-2 different colors (Patons Classic Merino in Natural Mix and Cascade 220 in dark heathered blue)
-I left out the final 6 rows before the ribbing in the last repeat (I forgot them)
-No cable needle (not really a mod, but something different from me. I will never go back to cable needles again!)
-The strap is different... only 10 stitches and did it i-cord. Not about to seam up that thing!
-I didn't seam the cast on or bind off edges. I like the flappy look of the bind off edge and I like the option of using the cast on edge as a second pocket.
-I made the strap too long. I tested it several times, but still too big and would only get bigger with weight. So, having already seamed the thing on, I tied a slip knot on the back side of the strap (the side that's to my back when I have the bag on, across my body) and sewed it up so it won't come undone. I would actually like to cut it making it 2 pieces put together in a knot, but not about to put the work into it.

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Your love, Shawn said...

I love you baby! The sweater bag looks great! I like the knot on the bag's handle. It looks very chik. Keep up the good work!